Deadpool 2: 7 Characters Who Stopped The ‘Unstoppable’ Juggernaut

At the end of the Deadpool 2 movie, we saw the much feared X-Men villain Juggernaut. There aren’t many ways to describe Cain Marko(his real name) except that the Juggernaut can never be stopped. While what Juggernaut’s entry holds for the Deadpool movies and MCU as a whole is still up in the air, Juggernaut has been stopped a number of times in the comics. Here are the characters who made it happen, and the ways in which they did.

1. Colossus, Nagasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio :

This one is fresh from Deadpool 2 when Juggernaut knocks down Deadpool, Cable as well as Domino. Colossus gets into a heavy exchange before he is joined by fellow X-Men Nagasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio. After Yukio ties up Juggernaut’s feet charged with her powers, Colossus actually inserts a live power cable up his rear end. Nagasonic lands the final blow when he shoves Juggernaut into the water fountain, frying the already writhing force of nature in submission.

2. Thor :

The first time the unstoppable force of nature went up against the God of Thunder, the result was more or less a draw. However, in Mighty Thor #429, the result was flipped in Thor’s favor. Thor gives up his hammer in order to trick Juggernaut to also give up his force field but is able to beat Juggernaut in line with
only his mighty fists. In the end, Thor attached the Juggernaut to his hammer and actually sent him flying into space.

3. Spiderman :

Spidey is not known as the universe’s most powerful heroes but he is surely one of those underdogs you root for. He did surprise fans with an unexpected victory over Juggernaut in Amazing Spiderman #229-230. In this two-part series called Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut, Spidey goes up against the beast in defence of the aging Madame Webb.

Spidey is of course pummeled in the beginning but refuses to give up. In the end, he is able to see that the only weakness in Juggernaut’s armor are the eyes. He gets through the force field around Juggernaut and shoots webs in the eye. After blinding him, Spidey is able to throw him onto a huge slab of wet cement where Juggernaut is stuck for over a month.

4. Professor Xavier :

This one must look really bad for Juggernaut, losing against a cripple. However, Xavier should not be underestimated, him being a Level 5 mutant and all. The defeat was especially acrimonious for Juggernaut as he is Xavier’s stepbrother.

The trouble began when Juggernaut showed up at the X-Mansion, home to X-Men in X-Men #12-13. With his considerable strength, he is able to wreck everything and is able to defeat all the X-Men. Xavier realises that he is immune to telepathic attacks because of his helmet. Quickly, he comes up with a plan to get rid of the pesky little thing with help from Beast, Angel and Human Torch.

After the helmet is off, Xavier hammers his stepbrother with so much psychic energy that Juggernaut does learn a lesson or two about his brother’s temper.

5. Jean Grey :

The X-Men cartoon series that was produced in the 1990s are remarkable because of the way they translate the events of the comic books onto the small screen. The events of X-Men #12-13 where Xavier defeats Juggernaut were reinterpreted to show the telepathic mutant Jean Grey using the same strategy to defeat Juggernaut. In place of Angel and Beast, it is Wolverine who helps knock the helmet off the villain and Jean Grey pounds him after. The storyline is undoubtedly not very innovative but fans remember fondly of the way it was told.

6. Kitty Pryde :

In X-Men : Last Stand, the character of Juggernaut was significantly watered down. Instead of having his halo blessed with magical powers, it was shown that Juggernaut was just another one of many mutants. This was perhaps done because the X-Men movies were made closer to real life and did not have the exaggerated tone of the superhero movies.

It is actually no surprise then that Juggernaut was defeated by Kitty Pryde and Leech. Leech prevents Juggernaut from gathering any momentum by sucking his powers and Kitty then lures him into a concrete wall through her powers of turning into a hologram. It is quite obvious that something like this would not have worked out if Juggernaut was shown to be as powerful as he is described in the comic books.

7. Hulk :

This is a contest that Juggernaut cannot hope to win. In their two encounters, the Hulk has defeated Juggernaut handsomely. The first time they met in Incredible Hulk #457, and Hulk is able to stop the Juggernaut’s juggernaut mid-air and throw him across the desert. He then forces his helmet off and nearly takes off his head. Of course here the Hulk was supercharged by the supervillain Apocalypse. The second encounter happens in World War Hulk when he pummels Juggernaut with a similar outcome.

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