Dankest Wonder Woman and Batman Memes!

We all loved the chemistry between Batman and Wonder Woman in BvS and just loved it more in Justice League. However, we all know that they are not made for each other. So, the meme lords of the internet rose to the occasion to create some completely dank Wonder Woman and Batman memes!

1. Holy Shit!

Well but Wonder Woman is gorgeous. Batman could never look beautiful.

2. Oh My God!

When Batman fell for it! Oh my God! That’s something truly awesome right?

3. The Reason

Now you know the reason behind Batman vs Superman. A lady is enough to start a fight that would destroy the entire universe. And the movie is the perfect example.

4. Diana Wayne? Never

Is it such a nightmare to be Batman’s better half? Well, I guess it is.

5. Impressive Bruce!

Superhero Landing! Well that’s how you impress your girl.

6. Poor Batman

The moment you console your man, cause you know you are much better than him.

7. Poor Bruce!

Do you think that you must had superpowers too? Well, hell ya you do!

8. What to say on this one?

I am pretty much like Batman. For me, nothing is better than food. Food is everything. Food is life.

9. Priorities set right!

10. Little Bit Extension!

I would love to get my ass kicked by a girl. And if she’s Wonder Woman, well that’s even better.

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