Christian Bale vs Ben Affleck: End of the Debate [Conclusion]

Ever since the announcement of Ben Affleck taking over Christian Bale as the new Dark Knight, speculations started whether he will be able to fit in the shoes of Bale or not.

And with the release of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, the speculations came at hype. “Affleck is nowhere near to Christian Bale.” “Bale was the original and the best Batman.”

Those were the views of the audience who are just the fan of the Cinematic world. They believed that Affleck was not able to “fit in the shoes” of Bale.

Well, that’s the thing. Affleck didn’t copy Bale’s version of Batman, he brought the original comic Batman on the screen.

If you go and ask any fan of Batman comics, he will definitely agree to the fact that Ben Affleck portrayed the best Batman on the big screen. In the debate for Christian Bale vs Ben Affleck, there are plenty of reasons that make Ben a better Batman than Bale, here are a few of them.


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It might seem a bit awkward calling the Dark Knight as a team player but that’s what Affleck’s version was.

He was never ahead of the game like Christian Bale’s one. In majority parts of BvS, we see Bruce Wayne sitting in his Batcave watching the action unfolds.

He tries to analyze what all is going around him before making a move. And after he realizes that world is under a greater threat, he joins up with his foes Superman and Wonderwoman, to fight against the common enemy. Also, he sets out to build the Justice League.

A good point for Christian Bale vs Ben Affleck debate.


Of course, Bruce Wayne is not equipped with super powers which can always give him an upper hand on his enemy. And he knows that fact.

Seeing his condition in Batman vs Superman, we will not feel guaranteed that Batman will succeed.

Also, Batman is not confident of the same. But he is okay with that. But he never backs down.

Affleck’s version of Batman will always come forward to save the world from any sort of threat and understands he is responsible for the same.

But for Bale’s version, when he realized that some greater forces, like DA Harvey Dent, is at work, he disappeared.


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Affleck’s Batman shows mortality. Of course, Batman is a mere human being.

He just has his special training, dedications, cool gadgets that make him a superhero.

He is mortal. Unlike Christian Bale’s version, which never seems to lose at any moment, Affleck’s version is a bit more real.

Getting beaten up by Superman, tricked by Wonder Woman at Luthor’s party, he can lose just like any human. Also, at various moments in BvS, we are afraid he might die too.


An arrogant, egoist and a proper businessman. That’s what Affleck’s Bruce Wayne showed the audience.

In the first scene, when he sees his enterprise getting destroyed by Superman, he shows a rage what any billionaire would show seeing his business demolished.

That’s what Bruce Wayne is all about. For Bale, we see him sleeping in the business meetings.


The darkness was nowhere to be found in the previous Batman movies. Shutting off the lights, living in the Bat Cave is not what darkness is.

Darkness means a place of complete solitude, a place which makes you uncomfortable, an environment that pushes you away from itself.

Did you feel that kind of thing when you went with Bale to his cave? Now ponder over the Darkness of Affleck and you will feel it.


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In Christian Bale’s version, we see that whenever Bruce Wayne sees any trouble, he goes to his cave, consults Lucius Fox and head forward.

Whereas Affleck’s version seemed to be more thoughtful. He understands what the calling is for. He would dig into the reason for why it is all happening and what would be the after effects of it.

For Bale, it was like, get them out of their hiding holes, and find out what they are up to. Affleck was a bit more patient and understood the situation on a bigger scale.


Every behavior of Affleck’s Batman could be clearly explained. We see his mood changing and developing frame after frame as he starts to accept what is going on in the world.

He tries to understand slowly what’s wrong and his character develops in the same manner. At no point in the movie, we will find ourselves confused why Batman is inhibiting such behavior because we have watched it developing scene after scene.

Still, we can’t forget Christian Bale’s contribution to the Batman franchise. He connected a lot of masses to the DCEU. Though Ben Affleck portrayed a better one, Bale performed a much-appreciated one. Both were best in their own area, but Affleck over showed on a whole. So, who’s your pick in the battle of Christian Bale vs Ben Affleck?

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