Best Villains That Are Absolutely Nailed By The DCEU

DC comics is known for its villains. And if the DCEU couldn’t nail them on the big screen, what the heck are they doing anyway?

Well, luckily if you exclude DoomsDay, Steppenwolf, DCEU has tried its level best to keep up with the comics. And here the Animated Times presents the best villains that DCEU nailed on the big screen.


Thanks to the shitty script of Suicide Squad that we got to see El Diablo as the main characters.

He was one of the few only good things in the movie. His arc comes to a fantastic close when he embraces his powers and his nature to save his newfound friends.

Of course, there are plot holes and unnecessary bits and pieces throughout the film, but generally, El Diablo was by far one of the best-written characters in that film.


Yes, the most successful DCEU movie till date featured one of the best of villains.

Ares was everything that we dreamt of. The perfect villain with the perfect anger, the perfect skills and the perfect dialogues that make him one of the most memorable DCEU villains.


I will be honest with you. When I heard that Jesse Eisenberg is going to be Lex Luthor, I knew that yes, yes, he is the one that I always dream of standing against Superman.

Eisenberg is a superb actor. He had already proved himself with movies like The Social Network and Now You See Me. But we saw his best in BvS in which he literally nailed the role.


All hail Christopher Nolan and all hail Tom Hardy. Bane, a normal villain from the comics was recreated into one of the deadliest villains on screen.

Everything was just perfect about him. The voice alone could give you chills.

Although he played on the groundworks laid by Joker, he shook the entire Gotham city to its core.


Well, we can’t just get enough of Wonder Woman, can we?

Doctor Poison was a level ahead of Ares. An innocent face with the evilest formula.


Yes, one of the best decisions that DCEU ever made was casting Will Smith as Deadshot.

Perfectly portrayed in Suicide Squad, Deadshot is always torn between his feelings and his duty. And Mr. Smith did complete justice to it.


Batman was a villain in the Dawn of Justice. And say hello to the new Batman.

Affleck just proved his worth that he was the Batman that DCEU needed. There were a lot of speculations that he is not able to fill the shoes of Bale, but he proved everyone wrong and nailed his villain role.


Should I say anything? Is it required?

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