‘Avengers: Infinity War’: Don Cheadle Confirms That Mark Ruffalo ‘Completely Spoiled’ Film’s Ending

After Mark Ruffalo has almost given off major spoilers for Marvel films, Marvel Studios has learnt to kept a tight check on his mouth. This was confirmed by his co-actor Don Cheadle during the Jimmy Kemmel show, where he revealed that Mark Ruffalo did spoil Infinity War’s ending before the film released in the theaters.

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As you can figure out from the clip, Jimmy and Cheadle look back at a segment of an old Jimmy Kemmel live footage where Cheadle and Mark Ruffalo were promoting Infinity War. During that segment, Ruffalo unintentionally spoil the ending of Infinity War by saying that “everyone dies at the end” of the movie. It’s confirmed by looking back at the footage that Ruffalo had actually slipped out the ending of the film.

“Well if you listen very closely, he actually started to say the absolute truth, and then had to try to say ‘everybody’ after he almost said ‘half.’ It was like, ‘You just messed the whole thing up!'”

Cheadle says.

However, Cheadle also revealed that there was fallout from Marvel over the unintentional slip-out. He even stated that the actor will no longer appear during press tours for Marvel movies. It sounded like Cheadle is joking about this… but well, you never know.

A lot of fans even thought that Ruffalo just played along with his image of a Chatty Kathy in Hollywood for humor but actually, ended up spoiling it completely. According to other Avengers cast members, Tom Holland follows Mark Ruffalo in the lineup of giving off spoilers for upcoming films.

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