Avengers Infinity War: Black Order Was The Biggest Disappointment In The Movie

Infinity War might be a blockbuster as it earned two billion dollars worldwide but this doesn’t mean that the movie was flawless. The film was a successful portrayal of Thanos and as stated by director Joe Russo, the film is a story about Thanos and his journey to fulfill his dream to attain all the Infinity Stones.

The creators managed to make Thanos look like an unstoppable villain who’s almost invincible. But the same cannot be said for his army, “The Black Order”. The Order was seen as the weakest part of the film as they were portrayed more as Thanos’ goons than cosmic allies. If you don’t know, Black Order consists of the most terrifying creatures, handpicked by Thanos himself and if we judge them by the comic book standards, their portrayal was really weak and timid in the film which even led to an outrage among Marvel fans.

With the release of the digital edition of Infinity War, director Joe Russo explained his thoughts behind the “Black Order”. He stated that the creators tried really hard to fit the “Black Order” in the MCU but these characters were way too powerful.

“Nobody wants to see a sub-villain overpower a villain so we had to adjust their power sets in a way to make it more interesting with our heroes,” he added. The comics do provide a back story to each of the members in the Black Order but Russo explained that including all of that in the film would have made it too long and extremely hard for fans to follow.

Avengers 4 releases in May next year.

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