‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Alternate Ending Was Much Darker Than the Final Version

The latest buzz to do the rounds is that the last instalment of Avengers could have had a gorier and darker ending. It could have super bad villain Thanos walking through a river of blood or more. The Marvel studio’s magnum opus saw the larger than life anti-hero assembling all the infinity stones to his gauntlet and ‘snapping’ his fingers. This move resulted in half of the universal population perishing.

We knew how disturbing it was to see some of our favourite superheroes turning into simple dust and like this weren’t traumatizing enough. This comic book movie’s VFX team is said to have an actual sequence of Thanos walking through a river of blood as this depicted the countless victims his move resulted in. This scene also had Thanos having an encounter with the younger Gamora.

As per a Slashfilm report, the VFX supervisor of the film Dan DeLeeuw of Digital Domain said that mentioned about the earlier planned darker ending. He says, “It got a bit dark” and the idea was taken off the board in no time. Digital Domain is said to have released a prototype video of this and blood hungry fans can take a go at it to see how it looked like.

The fans of the franchise will have to eagerly wait for the 4th instalment to wonder about Thanos’s trip to Soul World and what all this could mean in the future. Several theories have also been doing the round about these fallen heroes being trapped inside the Soul Stone and not lying in a pool of blood.

The movie held no pretensions as the early death of Loki and Heimdall gave a taste of what lay ahead for us. This movie clearly settled with a ‘not-so-family-friendly’ tag from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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