Aquaman Trailer: 3 Things We Really Liked About The Trailer (And 2 We Didn’t)

Now that we’ve seen the trailer of Aquaman, we are hoping that it acts as the saviour of DCEU. The trailer came with a bang during the SDCC 2018 and tha reaction came as a relief for DC, noting the fact that many fans were cynical about how DC would show the idea of Aquaman.
The trailer does look a bit sillier than the usually DCUE trailers but that’s not really a bad thing at all. Let’s explore the negatives first.

Too much balance.

Looking at the extensive number of species involved in the trailer, we believe that the movie would have a long story stuffed in it. Obviously the central story revolves around the conflict between Aquaman and Orm that will result in a war but then the pursuit of Arthur by Black Manta and the journey of the character would be something to watch out for.
It’s tough to imagine how the creators have stuffed all of that into a two hour movie but we hope that they’ve maintained a good balance in the film.

Goofy scenes and incomplete effects

The sight of Aquaman swimming or rather moving through water would always look goofy onscreen. We haven’t forgotten the horrible “Dude-bro” moments from Justice League yet and the trailer ended with Arthur jumping and hovering out of the plane like a banshee. Seems too much to me. Hope its not insufferable like last time.
The underwater battle sequences look like there could’ve been a bit more polished but yes, we agree that most of these early trailers are released with “temporary early build” effects so really we hope that DC rectifies this in the movie.

Now let’s move on to the postives of the trailer.

Jason Momoa

Even though his screeching and leaping out planes make one cringe but we cannot question the fact that he does look charismatic as Aquaman.
His appearance with all tattoo designs looks cool and with more of his onscreen presence, we hope that he delivers the goods for us.

Atlantis looks incredible

Avatar was the first movie which painted a beautiful world with stunning visual environments. Since then many movies have managed to create the same aura and well, Aquaman doesn’t disappoint us with that.
The colour scheme of Atlantis actually looks a lot like Pandora and to be apt, it does look inspired from the comic books. It seemed like another planet and we hope that the storyline compliments the stunning visual backdrop equally well.

It’s deliciously weird

We get to see battle sharks, deep sea creatures, fish men and a hell lot of giant sea horses. This shows that director Wan has actually made use of the source material instead of bringing in his own style.
The idea of creating a world beneath the sea seems weird in itself and whatever we saw in the trailer looks weirdly cool.
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