After Infinity War: 4 Upcoming MCU Projects We Are Looking Forward To (And 3 We Aren’t)

With MCU going strong, and Marvel bringing out everything great from comics to TV shows, you could not hope for a better time to be a Marvel fan. Instead of getting stuck on their past successes, thankfully they are looking towards the future. With a lot of huge and ambitious projects coming up, Marvel plans to reshape comic book history and the cinema landscape.

Despite all the ambitious projects that are hopefully coming, we are not sure if all these are going to be that great. It is a very important and simultaneously, perplexing question for fans of what to look forward to and what to reserve judgement for. Thankfully, we have already got a list ready for the 4 projects we are hyped about and 3 we are more than a little wary of.

1)Captain Marvel: Hyped

Kelly Sue DeConnick’s awesome run on the comic made sure that the upcoming Captain Marvel movie did not lack directions to take. With Oscar-winner Brie Larson taking up the titular role, we were bound to get excited about this.

Before Nick Fury’s call to Captain Marvel in Avengers: Infinity War, we were not aware of the possibility of us getting more excited about anything. The latest photos from the set have just recently released and we are somehow, even more, hyped about the movie.

2)Iron Fist(Season 2): Wary

Everything that could be said about the first season of Iron Fist has already been said. It has been the worst, most boring show among the whole Marvel TV shows roster.

Despite being surprisingly good in season 2 of Luke Cage, we are not sure we would like to sit through a whole season of Danny Rand going about his, frankly, boring adventures and fight scenes.

3)Spider-Man: Far From Home: Hyped

Tom Holland has impressed us greatly with his portrayal of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in all the Marvel movies he has shown up in. Many fans felt that he was the show stealer in Infinity War. We can’t wait to see what the next movie has in store for us!

4)Punisher(Season 2): Wary

As great(a violent) as the first season of the show was, unfortunately, it ended up proving a point. Punisher may be a one-trick pony. This makes it somewhat difficult for us to get excited about.

Punisher’s character revolves around the theme of revenge and punishment. The same saga over and over again gets a little repetitive.

5)Square Enix’s Marvel Game: Hyped

Strangely enough, there haven’t been too many Marvel games out there in the recent years. Aside from the shutdown MMO Marvel Heroes, there have not been any game releases since the wildly popular Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

Although its a secretive project and details are sparse, we hope that Square Enix will be able to remedy our problems.

6)Eternals: Wary

Although it’s been labelled Marvel’s next huge film series, it’s a little difficult for us to get excited about. This probably causes the comics(Jack Kirby’s source material), it’s characters have never been particularly interesting.

7)Avengers 4: HYPED!

Any such list would be incomplete without Avengers 4. After the devastation left in the wake of Thanos’ snap in Infinity War, this movie would show how Earth’s heroes take the fight to Thanos.

The cliffhangers we were left hanging on in Infinity War need to be made right. Fans are looking forward to how Thanos’ story concludes.

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