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Animated Times is your one-stop solution for infotainment, not only do we serve our readers with news, but we strive to provide them with entertainment along with major insights into the comic world. Incepted in 2017, we have a monthly reach of 2 million readers.

We treat our readers with unique insights that set us apart from all others making us an ultimate checkpoint for every geek out there.
A secret, we also manage the official Avengers Marvel Group.

We double-check every story, every article to make sure it is not only engaging for hardcore comic lovers but is an absolute delight for casual entertainment lovers too!

So, you must take a stroll through our website, because where else will you find premium news, comics, reviews, articles, and memes altogether.

Amir Syed

Founder & CEO

Innovator, strategist and always keen on learning and implementing technology to solve problems