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Fandom powers fan experience - Our mission is to understand, inform, entertain and celebrate fans by building the best entertainment and gaming communities, services and experiences.

Fandom’s Foundations

Founded in 2004 by Jimmy Wales (yes, the Wikipedia guy) and Angela Beesley Starling (a British web entrepreneur), Fandom (originally Wikicities, and later Wikia) was a new platform that built off the core technology powering Wikipedia in order to super serve the needs of an incredibly passionate set of customers: fans!

Before Fandom, fans couldn't dive deep into the lore or world of their favorite tv show, movie or game. For example, fans who visited the Luke Skywalker page on Wikipedia would only learn about Mark Hamill. They wanted a place where they could learn more about Luke, the character, as if he were a real person (and dive deep on the rest of the Star Wars Universe while they were at it). If Wikipedia is the "encyclopedia", then Fandom is the rest of the library - a deep repository of information about fictional universes.

Speaking of Star Wars, one of our earliest wikis was Wookieepedia.

By 2007, Wookieepedia was home to over 50,000 articles. It was so complex the Star Wars creative team themselves began using it as a resource for their projects.

Today, the 167,000 articles on Wookieepedia make up one of the most trafficked fan communities on the internet. Now imagine that kind of depth of information across every fictional universe... ever, and you're starting to get a handle on Fandom!

Of course, fans want to do much more than learn about their favorite fictional worlds. They want to play, connect, create, shop and celebrate. Over time, Fandom has added new services to help fans get into what they love in new ways: Our ScreenJunkies YouTube channel connects fans to the honest, and sometimes hilarious world of fan conversations. Bingebot and Fanatical help fans find new favorites in TV and games that they didn't even know they were looking for.

Fandom started out with about 1,500 pages from a core group of enthusiastic fan contributors.

Over 15 years later, Fandom encompasses over 30 million content pages in over 80 languages on 250,000 wikis across almost every fictional universe in the world.

Fandom is where fans find themselves through entertainment. We provide a judgement-free zone where people can discover new favorites, go as deep as they want to and engage with other fans. And we can do it across virtually any entertainment or gaming property out there.


Fandom’s leadership team is dedicated to serving fans of all types. The team works together to ensure the company remains a place that celebrates individuality and passion, where you can log into a Zoom meeting dressed as your favorite Battlestar Galactica character and no one bats an eyelash.

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