A New Fan Art Shows Gal Gadot Channeling Her Inner Vegeta

Gal Gadot’s latest post on Instagram looks like a bold choice but it also invokes a hilarious Dragon Ball connection.

The picture was posted on Wednesday that shows Gadot posing in a slick blue desk. Her outfit looks skin tight with a pair of shoulder pads, which caused all the comparsion to Prince Vegeta. Twitter user BossLogic posted on Twitter along with an edited version of Gadot’s original picture. Here’s what he posted:

Bosslogic added Saiyan armor over her torso along with tattered edges to its bottom, as if she has been through a fearsome battle. He completed the whole look by adding wrinkled boots over the high heels. The tweet went viral in no time as Gadot’s outfit strikingly resembled that of Vegeta’s bodysuit.

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While the post was liked and re-tweeted by many, there were some Gadot fans who didn’t appreciate the post. Many Dragon Ball fans also countered back warning that Vegeta isn’t someone to be mocked by someone.

Gadot’s post fetched nearly 1.5 million likes in a matter of hours but she hasn’t made any mention of the comaparison to Vegeta yet. Gadot is currently busy in the voicing of Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet where she is voicing a character named Shank.

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