8 Times Your Favourite Memes Showed Up In Comics

Memes are like the lifeblood of the society these and they not only keeps us going with pangs of laughter but they also help us keep safe from awkward parties. So today’s list is about memes in comics. These aren’t comic memes, no. These are memes in a comic form. Here’s our list of 8 comic memes which made a deliberate shoutout to pre-existing memes.

8. Downfall

In 2014’s Deadpool #26, Hitler is informed that his fourth army has been defeated by Nick Fury and his commandos and they’re marching towards Berlin. Shaking with anger, he takes off his glasses and rants, “They’re just six men! I’ve got billions of soldiers out there! How hard is it to kill Nick Fury? He wears an eyepatch! Just stab him on his blind spot!”
This is a rendition of the climax of the 2004 film Downfall which is also popularly known as a “Hitler bunker meme”. It also has a twist ending where Nick Fury, Cable and Deadpool unload multiple machine guns into the time traveling Hitler, possibly a reference to Inglorious Basterds.

7. Hey, How’s Logan?

In 2015’s All New Wolverine, Deadpool asks Laura, who is the new Wolverine about how Logan is only to receive a slap with “LOGAN IS DEAD” in response. This can be a variant to “My parents are dead!” Or the Batman slapping Robin meme.
Incidentally this reference doesn’t work now because Logan just recently stopped being dead.

6. Gwenpool

This is basically a meme incarnate which got famous because of cosplayers taking a keen interest in the cover of Deadpool’s Super Secret Wars #2 which featured Deadpool and Gwen Stacy. Marvel even gave Gwenpool a backstory that was as random as her popularity. She’s just a comic book nerd who has sorta landed into this universe. That’s literally her origin story and as Gwenpool would say, “Just go with it!”
Even though she claims that she doesn’t read Deadpool comics because he’s too “LOL memes”, her first appearance is bookended with her saying, “Hello World” and “Bye Felicia”. Her fondness for memes make her extremely dank and not just a usual Marvel character.

5. Squirrel Girl

She is also known as “Anti Life” and she, herself is a meme in the Marvel universe. She gained her memetic status after defeating Dr. Doom with an army of squirrels. Her inordinate power was embraced as a meme but she has defeated Doctor Doom twice and Thanos once and had an invitation by Galactus to become his Herald.

4. Lex Takes the Cake.

There was a Superhero dictionary in 1978 which was designed to help children learn English with over 4000 definitions using the power of superheroes. It wasn’t originally published by DC which resulted in various peculiar definitions. For example, “When no one was looking, Lex Luther stole 40 cakes. That’s as many as four tens. And that’s terrible.” This was completely ambiguous: like, is the cake theft bad or is the number 40 terrible?
This surfaced as a meme in 2005 later becoming a part of Superman #709 which was a part of the “Superman: Grounded” arc.

3. Martha. Just Martha.

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice had a lot of problems. From Batman killing guys senslessly to Lex Luther’s obsession with tea, this was meant to be roasted. It’s inevitable if even the name of their mothers happen to be the same. There can a whole list of Martha memes and this was even used in an issue of Deadpool where he finds out that Punisher’s mother’s name is also Martha. To this he says, “People whose mothers’ name is Martha shouldn’t fight.”
Even Archie Comics pop culture savvy-Josie and Pussycat series took a dig on this in their issues.

2. Web Warrior

Spider-Man memes have been circulating since a long time, ranging from “Two Spider-Men pointing at each other” to “How do I shoot web?” but there was this meme which rose about rest because of its relatable message of being self indulgent while observing the world behind the safety of your desk. When the Spider-Man crossover came out, where we had all Spider-Mans ever; from the Electric Company one to the Hostess Fruit Pies Spider-Man, we started wondering, is it really every Spider man?
Now there was a desk bound Spider-Man. When in one edition, Spider-Gwen crashes through a window during a brawl, she sees another Spider man sitting in front of a Spider-Man portrait who asks her if Electro is still there outside. Funny, isn’t it?

1. LOSS.jpeg

This comes from Defenders #1 where Luke Cage goes to a hospital to make sure his wife Jessica is okay. This might sound tragic at once but this is just a recreation of the Loss meme also known as “the one comic from CTRL+ALT+DEL.
It basically examines how little it takes one to recognize a meme or rather how minimal a certain meme can become. Since the meme is based on no dialogue whatsoever, we see penciller David Marquez having a shadow in Jessica’s room perfectly split the page into four panels just to point it out as a meme. Its presence appeared on the first page of Defenders #1 which made the scene a bit less intense as it could’ve been.
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