8 Non-Marvel Characters Who Could Defeat Thanos in Seconds!

With Infinity War around fans everywhere find themselves excited to enter the world of the MCU and watch their favourite superheroes take on the biggest threat of them all, Thanos. The
Avengers are in for a real fight, since Thanos is one heck of a threat. The
superheroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can be underpowered as
compared to other superheroes. If characters from other universes happened
to show up in Infinity War, the fight against Thanos would be much easier. In
fact, some wouldn’t even need to support of the Avengers and could take the
Mad Titan out all on their own. Seems tough for any hero right? Think again.
Here are 8 Non-Marvel Characters Who Could Defeat Thanos in Seconds.


Once more, we have a demon combatant facing off against Thanos, though
Hellboy is perhaps the most interesting of them all. However, though he might
be the most interesting demonic entry on this list, he is also one of the most
unlikely to win against Thanos, but that won’t stop us from arguing for his
victory. Hellboy is quite strong and durable and has a vast knowledge of the
supernatural, making him a formidable foe when pitted against the things that
go bump in the night. However, his spells and supernatural fighting items
might not be enough against Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. But, here’s the
kicker, Hellboy is often saved by demonic and otherwise powerful forces
because of his importance in bringing about the apocalypse. So maybe, if
Thanos has Hellboy against the ropes, some force might come and defeat the
Mad Titan in his stead.


This mischievous cartoon-character come to life has one thing that gives him
an advantage over Thanos and the power of the Infinity Gauntlet: his reality

warping powers. Thanos might be scary when wielding the Infinity Stones, but
if he were to face The Mask, he wouldn’t be the only one in the fight who
could re-write the rules of reality. In fact, The Mask’s power is to specifically
affect the reality around him, not all of reality. How does this make him
stronger than Thanos? Well, it means that while Thanos is bending reality to
his will, The Mask would be unaffected, residing within his own bubble of
reality, protected from all attacks. The Mask is a cartoonish madman, and not
even the universe’s greatest strategist can perfectly combat his unpredictable
zaniness. Plus, as long as his mask is on, The Mask is invulnerable to all physical


As with Spawn, pitting someone like Raven against Thanos and his cosmic
power makes for one interesting theoretical fight. Though Thanos might have
mighty cosmic power on his side, Raven’s powers are derived from both the
magic she has studied and her demonic lineage. As the daughter of Trigon,
Raven has immense magical power, which she uses augment her arsenal of
magical and psychic and abilities. Specifically, it is her telekinetic and telepathic
abilities that make her so formidable, and who knows how her soul-self astral
projection might fare against Thanos. Plus, when you bring in the dark magic of
her demon side into the mix, Thanos doesn’t stand a chance in defeating her.


The Specter; DC comics’ cosmic, mystical, metaphysical judge of all who cross
his path. To put the Spectre’s power bluntly, he has the abilities of a god,
though they are limited to his duties as a judging spirt. However, it’s not far-
fetched that The Specter would be assigned to rid the multi-verse of Thanos,
which would, in turn, grant him all the power needed to do so. Since the
Specter is given all the powers, abilities and tools needed to complete a task
assigned to him, he would have everything to defeat Thanos just due to the
fact that he has to face him. Though the Specter does have a weakness to

magic and reality-warping forces that rival his own, he could easily take care of


It isn’t merely Saitama’s physical powers that make him a formidable foe. Sure,
he’s got superhuman strength, speed, and durability that are far beyond
comprehension, but we have a theory that his true superpower is not just his
superhuman physicality. See, the reason that the anime is called “One-Punch
Man is because Saitama defeats all of his enemies in one single punch. This is a
source of frustration for him, as he has grown bored of being a hero. We think
that this is because Saitama has the power to manifest whatever strength
necessary to defeat his enemies, which means that not even Thanos can beat
him. All it will take is one punch and the Mad Titan will be toast.


Who would win in the ultimate death match between cosmic powers/reality-
warping abilities and the mysterious and often limitless powers of a demon?
Would Thanos win, or would Spawn outclass the Mad Titan? Let’s find out. To
start, it’s not even a contest in terms of physical ability between the two, as
Spawn’s strength pales in comparison to Thanos’, so the nature of their powers
is the real decider of the fight. We already know Thanos’ power with the
Infinity Stones, so how do they compare against Spawn’s demonic abilities?
Well, strangely, enough, they are about the same. Both characters have the
ability to control souls, time, the elements and reality itself. The real kicker is
that Spawn’s powers gather energy from evil, so just being around Thanos
would give spawn the power to defeat him.


Thanos has had many encounters with Marvel’s version of Death, but what if
he had to fight against another, possibly more powerful embodiment of Death
one he doesn’t share a love connection with? We are, of course, talking about
the Death of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, whose powers are vast and
immeasurable. Thanos might be able to manipulate time, reality and the souls
and minds of others with the Infinity Stones, but none of that matters when
facing an embodiment of mortality who has the power of an omnipotent god.
Though Death might be known for guiding spirits to the afterlife, she still has
the power to end the life of someone if she so choose. All she has to do is think
about Thanos being losing his life and bam, fight over.


most beloved Shonen characters in all of pop culture history. A Saiyan from
Planet Vegeta, Goku’s natural alien physiology grants him immense strength
and power, which has gotten stronger and stronger as time has gone by, either
by training or by surviving near-death experience. Goku’s power is high enough
on its own, but he also has various Super Saiyan transformations on his side.
Super Saiyan levels 1-3 multiply his power exponentially for as long as he can
maintain the forms, and his Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue forms give
him the power of a god, which is more than enough to take on Thanos. Plus,
there’s also his Ultra Instinct Ability, which gave him the fighting skills to defeat
a god-like being without even going Super Saiyan.

What other non-Marvel characters could be called in
to defeat Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War?

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