8 Dumb Mistakes Avengers Made In The Infinity War We Bet You Didn’t Notice

The biggest blockbuster movie of the year, Avengers: Infinity War was full of stupid mistakes by our heroes. This is a fact no one can deny. The movie was a masterpiece in both storyline and action. More than 40 superheroes came together to fight against the mighty Mad Titan. However, they made so silly mistakes that it was obvious they would end up on the losing side.

1. SPIDER MAN hitching that ride

Your friendly neighbourhood Spider Man did a blunder when he decided to go against his mentor. Peter knew that he just couldn’t stand a minute infront of maw. Maw was so powerful that he enslaved Doctor Strange and tortured him.


Doctor Strange is the master of mystic arts. He could have easily teleported when he was caught up by Maw. He had the Time Stone around his neck for the complete time. Why didn’t he use it just like he did with Dormammu.


Hulk couldn’t come out. Why? No one could explain the reason. Was it because of the long lasting Hulk time in Thor: Ragnorak. But now the fans are speculating that they might get to see Professor Hulk in Avengers 4.


The Mad Titan just crushed Hulk and the God of Mischief decided to deceive him by his tricks. Loki tried to lure Thanos in his mischief by offering him the space stone. However, this was just too stupid. The God of Thunder has been thrashed, Heimdall is dead and the mighty Hulk has been beaten almost to death, and you are going to go against Thanos just by your tricks?

5. Gamora’s knowledge of Soul Stone

Gamora was a wild card in both the volumes of Guardians of the Galaxy. However, she was just utterly ridiculous in Infinity War. With all her knowledge of the Soul Stone, she could have easily prevented Thanos to take possession of the Soul Stone. She could have wiped off her memory and saved her memory in someone else. She knew that Thanos would torture her to take out all the information, still she remained motionless.

6. Thor should have gone for the Hand

Thor’s Stormbroker speared its way through Thanos’ chest. But why did he go for the chest? If he would have gone for the hand, he would have cut the Gauntlet out of Thanos’ hand. But he went for the chest. Even Thanos wondered why.

7. Why was Scarlet Witch protecting Vision?

Okay he was the love of her life. But you are in the battle against the Mad Titan and half the universe is at the stake. Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful Avenger and she was up trying to save Vision while all the Avengers were risking their life protecting the world from Thanos. If she was an active warrior in the battle from the start, she would have made a major difference.

8. Star Lord’s plan

The plan sucked. And the one who made it worse was Star Lord himself. The plan was to bring Thanos to them by tempting him the Time Stone. The plan was just completely useless and the one who made it so was Star Lord. Star Lord didn’t have anyone. After a long time, he found love in Gamora. We all can understand how difficult it was for him to control himself after hearing that Thanos killed her. But at that moment, his love didn’t matter. He was inches away from saving half the world, and he decided to take revenge? This is the biggest mistake by any Avenger in any universe whatsoever.
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