8 Best Animated Batman Costumes We’ve Ever Seen!

Batman has undergone many incarnations Since it has been originally aired in 1992. Thus far within the history of Batman in animation, he has undergone over 25 different looks. However, some animated interpretations are so superb they blow the Batman’s original look from the comics and graphic novels out of no were.

Other looks fall far below the standards that DC fans are used to and have forgotten Here are 8 best animated Batman Costumes.


In Flashpoint we get an alternate version of everyone from a totally different and even darker Joker to a painfully scared Superman who doesn’t know he has powers, to a submissive and a sad version of Harley Quinn who is named, “Yo-Yo”.

We also get a gun-loving, kill-mongering version of Batman that is so different from the original it is shocking at first. Batman doesn’t kill or use guns usually. But in this alternate timeline presented in Flashpoint, Batman is not Bruce Wayne, but his father Thomas Wayne. It is still the Batman though, and we love this costume and look because it is so rugged. The glowing red eyes, the dark shadow, the red details on the costume in place of yellow, and those nifty red gun holsters strapped to his legs.


Second animated Justice League movie produced by DCEU, Justice League: The New Frontier, is another fan favorite. Based on the series of graphic novels, DC: The New Frontier, by Darwyn Cooke, it’s the first time viewers get to see the League assemble together.

The New Frontier is set in the 1950s, so it is also full of classic Americana, like John F. Kennedy and of course, very stylish animation and the character looks. We love the Batman’s costume in this movie because viewers get to see Bit evolved in real time on screen. When he first enters the scene, Batman has very tall Bat ears, short purple gloves, and a very aggressive looking Bat symbol.

After rescuing a child from bad guys, and not scrying the boy with this intense costume, Batman decided a few changes. Bring in the shorter Bat ears, long gloves with ejectable Batarangs, along with the Boy Wonder.


The Lego Batman Movie is the one we will come back to for the rest of our lives. It doesn’t hurt that this movie also contains more references, Easter Eggs, and breaking of the 4th Wall.

Seeing the normally reserved Bruce Wayne acting in machismo ways is so uncharacteristic and fun it is hard to put into words. Sporting glowing blue eyes, tall Bat ears, and a nine pack, Lego Batman looks “positively sick.” We love seeing all the DC characters brought to life the wonderful world of Lego.

While lounging around the house in his robe, or the few times he removes his cowl to attend a ball or other event as Bruce Wayne. Lego Batman is a “night-stalking, crime-fighting vigilante and we love it.


Adam West as the original Batman is irreplaceable, and he is dearly missed. He lives with us in our minds and hearts. The Batman show in which he starred may have its quirks and but the ’60s flavor adds its own elements to the series that make it that much more fun.

The original Batman show was filmed during the time when the comics were heavily censored under the Comic Code of Ethics. Published in 1954 and completed as late as 2011 for some distributors, the Comic Code regulated all comics content wasn’t dropped until the 2000’s.

We love the creative freedom that comes with drops in regulation, but we cannot help but look back on those “golden” and “silver” ages. Was written well and with a great animated style, we like the way Batman looks in this movie.


The Original Animated Series features some of our favorite stories. From the induction of Harley Quinn in the unforgettable Joker’s Favor to the silly yet insightful Baby Doll, The Animated Series is a must watch for any DC and Batman fan.

When Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and the other brilliant minds who worked on this project come together to create something, we know it is going to be something special. Not only are the stories fantastic, but the Batman’s costume in the old Animated Series is quite possibly one of our favorites.

It is a yellow belt with a black Bat symbol on his chest contrast against a yellow circle background. Viewers also get to take in the classic style blue shading and blue inside of Batman’s cape along with the old Batmobile. The Animated Series is so classic and still enjoyable after all these years.


Almost like the DCAU version of Waking Life – the audience sees Batman as perceived by specific character points of view. A story with Batman, the Scarecrow, Maroni Mob, Deadshot, Killer Croc, and many more, Gotham Knight is rich with various elements from the world of Batman and is a hit with even those who consider themselves “non-anime” fans.

Our favorite Batman look, is out of this world, his portrayal in Episode 6, “Deadshot.” The artists at Madhouse put a fantastic anime spin on the old American style with loving detail that is unforgettable. The dark, colors bring Batman to life in a very dramatic fashion. This makes sense, considering that the Madhouse has been producing countless old including Ninja Scroll, Neo Tokyo, and Perfect Blue.


Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns may be one of the greatest series of graphic novels and animated movies in comics history. Pretty much anything Frank Miller is going to be a work of genius.

Not everyone agrees with us of course, but the way he is able to tie so many pertinent themes into his interpretation of Batman is so incredible, it takes your breath away many times. Batman’s look here fits perfectly with his personality in this story, which is blunt, brutish and forceful.

Batman’s treatment alone here is something that must be beheld to be understood, so if you haven’t seen the movies or read the books we strongly suggest adding them to your To-Watch List. Something else we love about Frank Miller’s story arc is the character style he has created for the entire cast.

Batman has a very urban, almost RoboCop-inspired look that makes him more intimidating than usual; he is broader, stockier than usual, more of an old bruiser.


Batman Ninja is hands-down one of the most famous animated pieces to come from the DCAU. It is also one of the more recent Elseworlds story arcs to be released by DC — which means the movie has an incredibly unique perspective on Batman and friends.

Originally published as “Imaginary Stories” starting back in 1942, Elseworlds tales examine alternate stories outside the continuity of the traditional DC Universe. What if Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Alfred, and other residents of Gotham were transported back in time to feudal Japan. The costumes of all the characters are gorgeous, and Batman is exceptional.

That concept is examined in exquisite detail in Batman Ninja. This movie is a real treat for anyone who loves anime and DC, especially Batman. It is not only well-written, Batman Ninja also has excellent voice acting, a beautiful animation style, and more easter eggs than we could count.

The costumes donned by all the characters are gorgeous, and Batman is exceptional. In Samurai inspired garb appropriate for the Dark Knight, Batman looks phenomenal in black and gold lacquer, with a katana and a Robin or two at his side.

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