7 Biggest Secrets Of The Flash Family We Bet You Didn’t Know!

Detective comic’s most famous speedster the Flash has been getting a lot of attention lately, due to having two different live-action versions. The CW’s The Flash is in its fourth season staring Grant Gustin as the Scarlet Speedster, and the DCEU’s Barry Allen played by the amazing Ezra Miller, pretty much stole the show in Justice League.Here are 7 Biggest Secrets Of The Flash Family.


In the comics, or on TV you get hit by lightning, you get super speed. According to the comic book version of the story, Barry got doused in chemicals at the moment the lightning that gave him powers struck him. Interestingly enough, in Secret Origins Annual #2, it was revealed that after his heroic sacrifice in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Barry Allen turned into a lightning bolt, went back in time, became the lightning that hit his lab and drenched his past-self in chemicals. So, the Flash created himself.


Wally West’s turbulent love life came to an end when he started dating the reporter Linda Park. That’s not to say that the couple didn’t encounter obstacles along the way. Although they attempted to live a normal life, Wally’s activities as the Flash didn’t allow for much normalcy. Despite all the trouble, Linda soon became pregnant with twins. However, during the early months of her pregnancy she was attacked by Hunter Zolomon, aka Zoom. Zolomon used to be a friend of Wally’s but resented him for not going back in time to prevent Zolomon from being injured. As revenge Zoom went after Wally’s wife and caused her to miscarry the twins. In a latter battle between Zoom and Flash, they spontaneously restored Linda’s pregnancy and Irey and Jei were born.


In the post Flashpoint timeline, Iris West had an alcoholic, abusive father William and a troubled brother named Daniel. One day, Daniel had enough of his father’s abuse and pushed him down the stairs, rendering William paralyzed. Aware that his sister would never forgive him, Daniel ran away. He became a criminal and was caught by the Flash, after which he spent five years in prison. When he got out of prison, Daniel crashed into a car that was powered by a Speed Force battery, imbuing him with the ability to turn back time. However, in order to use his powers, he needed to steal other speedsters’ speed. He dubbed himself the Reverse-Flash and eventually used Barry’s speed to go back in time and kill his father. Once there, however, he changed his mind and let Barry fix his mistake.


The bitter feud between the Allen family and the Thawne family spans generations. In fact, you could argue that the animosity only grew stronger as time went by. The 30th century seems to be the most interesting period for the two families. President Thawne sought to recruit the half-Thawne Bart Allen in his battle against the Allens but that didn’t quite go according to plan. And you know what they say, when all else fails, create a clone. Which is exactly what President Thawne did by combining Bart’s DNA with Thawne genetic material. A speedster named Thaddeus Thawne, aka Inertia, was created with the mission to go back in time and replace Bart. Unlike Bart’s hyper-accelerated development, Thaddeus’ childhood was super-slow. So, at the age of 15, he looked like a two-year old and all for the sake of giving him more training and knowledge.


Looking at the intricate relationship between the Allen and the Thawne family we can’t help but be reminded of soap operas. And to make things even worse, comic books have all kinds of alternate timelines and universes, so stuff gets real confusing real fast. Back when Iris was originally from the 30th century, she and Barry got married in the future. Out of that marriage, twins Don and Dawn Allen were born. If you’re a fan of The CW’s The Flash, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about Dawn ever since “Crisis on Earth-X”. But what about her brother? Well, Don Allen also inherited a fraction of his father’s speed. More importantly though, he married Meloni Thawne, a member of the Thawne family — the Allen family’s sworn enemy. Their son Bart grew up to be quite famous.


When that lightning bolt struck Barry Allen and doused him in chemicals, he was given virtually unlimited speed and a free pass into the Speed Force. However, this freaky accident did way more than just grant Barry superpowers. By rewriting his DNA, including the reproductive parts, the accident gave super speed to Barry’s descendants as well. Meaning, Barry Allen’s superpowers are a hereditary trait. The twins he had with Iris in the 30th century, Don and Dawn, both inherited his powers. Consequentially, Don’s son Bart Allen, known as Impulse, also inherited super speed and traveled back in time to the 20th century. Likewise, Wally West’s twins also inherited speedster-like powers from their father. So, the lightning bolt changed both their DNA structures, aside from making them speedsters.


In a true soap opera fashion, Nora Allen and Charlene Thawne came to one Dr. Gilmore to give birth to their children on the same day. Coincidentally, the good doctor had been drinking heavily and sent his nurse home, so when time came to bring babies into the world he wasn’t at his finest. The Thawne baby had been strangled on its own umbilical cord and Dr. Gilmore, due to his inebriated state, failed to save the boy. In order to “cover up” the malpractice, the doctor gave one of the Allen babies to the Thawnes and told the Allens that one of their boys had been stillborn. Barry’s twin brother, named Malcolm Thawne, eventually discovered the truth about his origins and decided to find his brother and stalk him. Malcolm grew envious of Barry, which led him to become the villain Cobalt Blue.

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