6 Villains Who Kicked The Incredible Hulk’s Green Ass

The Hulk strength in the Marvel Universe is legendary. The kind of characters he has gone up against and come out as the winner is simply extraordinary. He has beaten the like of Silver Surfer, Thor, almost all the X-Men and Sentry, among a whole host of others. With victories like these, it should be safe to assume that the Hulk has not ever been humiliated in battle. But it would be a wrong assumption.

Hulk’s strength and savagery can carry him so far into battle. There have been cases where the Hulk has been defeated by weaker opponents with a better strategy and the brains to implement them. The Hulk has faced quite a few defeats, so we came up with a list of 6 villains who have defeated Hulk and gave the character reason to be embarrassed.

1)Doctor Octopus

What could be more embarrassing for Hulk than being defeated by someone like Doc Ock? The answer is, being dismissed by Doc Ock as though he was a third-rate supporting character with anger problems. In Spider-Man (Vol.1) #19, Hulk had joined the fight to help Spidey against Doc Ock and the Sinister Six.

Hulk was totally outmatched against Doc’s new tentacles and was very easily dispatched.


On his best day, Wrecker is a generic b-list villain. Despite having Asgardian powers imbued within himself and his crowbar, he is routinely humiliated by our heroes. Except for this one time when he ONE-SHOTTED THE HULK, he hasn’t done much.

This small event took place when Wrecker formed the Wrecker Crew of like-minded individuals. The Crew ran into Hulk and the Defenders, Wrecker managed to land a blow that knocked out Hulk. After knocking out Hulk, Wrecker just goes about his way as though he hadn’t peaked as a character.


Ordinarily, there would be nothing humiliating about being defeated by Juggernaut in a brawl. And to be fair to Hulk, he has regularly beaten Juggernaut until the one time in Incredible Hulk(Vol. 1) #402.

In this issue, Hulk is on a mission in the Amazon Rainforest where a massive worker attacks him. Hulk is caught off guard and after a brief struggle, is knocked out. Turns out, the labourer is none other than Cain Marko, the Juggernaut.


Possibly the most humiliating defeat of all for Hulk. Goldbug is basically a petty criminal with some cool tech at his disposal. In Incredible Hulk(Vol.1) #239, Hulk is manipulated into entering Goldbug’s ship where he is trapped by Goldbug and exploited as an energy source to reach El Dorado.

Once there, Goldbug, in what could possibly be the stupidest thing he could do, sets Hulk free who proceeds to destroy Goldbug’s ship and is interrupted by the locals from doing the same to Goldbug.

5)The Circus Of Crime

The Circus Of Crime is a, well, circus-themed criminal crew. They faced off against Hulk in Incredible Hulk(Vol.1) #3.

While the crew members surely have some strange skills, none of them is exactly super-powered. This just makes his loss all the more embarrassing without even talking about how they managed to defeat him. They used a particularly strong hose if you really want to know.

6)Princess Python

As a member of the Circus Of Crime, Princess Python has attacked Hulk several times with her pet python and Hulk has brushed aside these attacks. For some reason, this was not to be in Incredible Hulk(Vol.1) #470.

Princess Python’s snake coils itself around Hulk’s neck and chokes him out. This gives the Circus another short-lived victory over Hulk.

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