6 Superheroes Who Turned Evil And Tried To Take Over The World

Superheroes are known for their bravery and morals. They protect us tirelessly from the evil forces and take down cosmic threats and allow the Earth to continue existing. This aspires people to be like those heroes but there have been times when these heroes have turned rogue. Quoting Harvey Dent here: “Either you die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain. There are times when different circumstances lead to different choices and as a result, we’ve seen some of the greatest heroes become the nastiest of villains. Today we will tell you about 6 superheroes gone bad and tried to take over the world.

6. Professor X

Professor X has done some really notable things over the past years but nothing beats more than going through Magneto’s mind and wiping him off. This went in negatively for Professor X who took in Magento’s negative emotions which he held in his brain for years.
This turned Professor into a nasty villain who had the evil mind of Magneto and powers of Professor X. Onslaught was determined to conquer the world and it took almost the whole Marvel Universe to bring him down.

5. Green Lantern

Hal Jordan is said to be one of the noblest heroes in the DC but he lost his mind once when Mongul came to the Earth and destroyed his city. He goes crazy and recreates the city along with his family and friends using the Green Lantern ring.
Eventually he was taken in trial by the Green Lantern Corps but he was in no mood of tolerating anything and renamed himself to Parallax and resorted to kill all of Green Lantern Corps.

4. Deadpool kills the Marvel universe.

This issue tells us all what Deadpool could do if the voices inside his head asked him to kill. He murders everyone and eventually goes on to take down the literary characters that inspired their creation.
Deadpool rewrote history and became the leader of all and instead of a normal reality, everything was Deadpool in his own universe. He was eventually stopped by another Deadpool created by his own actions.

3. Thor

Thor is a God who gets stronger with age. In Earth 3515 reality, Thor moves Asgard over New York to stay closer to Earth but this wasn’t appreciated by humans. They ended up attackinf Asgard and this led to Thor’s retaliation. He rebuilt Asgard and combined it with New York. Things got worse with time and Thor took control of the entire planet in just 100 years. There wasn’t a force capable enough of stopping him though there were many who tried.

2. Wonder Woman

Darkseid is DC’s greatest bail kaun and he’s a character who’s determined to rule everyone in existence. He nearly succeeded in the Final Crisis storyline where he controls numerous superheroes. Wonder Woman became the commander of his armies and turned into a fearful beast.
She fought next to Darkseid and was eventually cured of her evil state but this happened after the time both had ruled over most of the world.

1. Justice League: Gods and Monsters

This was an animated movie where there were a few changes to characters. Superman was the son of General Zod who’s trying to fulfill his father’s legacy while Batman was a deadly vampire and scientist named Kirk Langstorm. Wonder Woman is seen as a harsh and cruel ruler.
Together, the trio manages to control the world with a hope to reshape it into a utopia. However, most people knew about the hidden agendas of these ‘so called superheroes’ and thought of them as nothing more than tyrannical rulers.
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