5 Supervillains Villains Who Went Out Like Heroes

The comic universe is filled with villains who are motivated by petty notions of fame, power
and lust. While these pesky little villains are often the focus of many superheroes, the truly
great villains are more interested in grander visions. And not all villains in the world are
always bad, and sometimes when the going gets tough, we have seen a number of them
find the heart to do the right thing and the selfless thing. A number of them go out in a blaze
of righteousness in their long journey for redemption from the crimes they have committed.
Still others sacrifice themselves as a last act of nobility as an expression of the truly
complicated and grey nature of people’s characters. Here is the list of our favorite instances
of villains redeeming themselves:

1. Loki:

The Asgardian god of mischief and Thor’s brother has a history of causing
trouble. He was the one who led the Chitauri people in the attack on Earth in
Avengers. He also usurped the throne of Asgard, and also impersonated Odin at one
point of time. However, when Hela takes over Asgard in Thor Ragnarok, he aids his
brother in triggering Ragnarok and destroying Hela. He also extracts the Tesseract
from Odin’s vault. During the events of Avengers Infinity Wars, Thanos kills Heimdall
after he saves the Hulk from the Mad Titan. Loki tries to please Thanos and pledges
loyalty while at the same time concealing a dagger. He tries to slit the madman’s
throat but Thanos sees him coming and instead stabs him. Thor, his hands and feet
bound, has to watch.

2. Skurge:

The Asgardian replaces Heimdall as the chief executioner and the guardian
of Bi-frost when Hela comes back to take her revenge on Odin. At first, Skurge is
happily loyal to Hela and like his newfound power. However, as Hela becomes more
and more destructive, he realises he is more loyal to Asgard than the daughter of
Odin. His last stand is battling the undead warriors of Hela to protect Asgardians
fleeing to an escape ship. Eventually he runs out of ammunition to his M-23 and is
killed by a spear to the chest from Hela.

3. Starro:

He is a starfish-shaped villain and one of the first that Justice League America
faced. The alien from space controls hosts on whom spores shaped like smaller stars
land. By attaching to their nervous systems, he is able to extract their knowledge and
power and has conquered a number of worlds this way. However, in Justice League:
No Justice, Brainiac kidnaps Starro along with a number of other powerful beings to
protect his home planet of Colu from being destroyed by the Omega Titans. On the
planet he finds himself placed with Martian Manhunter, one of the noblest and wisest
of DC heroes. Jon tells Starro that he does not have to be the villain that Brainiac
wants him to be and he can be much more. Eventually, Starro tries to heroically save
everyone by growing in size with the help of Atom and taking on a Omega Titan
himself. He is clobbered to pieces.

4. Livewire:

This is one of those redemption stories that you expect to happen
eventually. Livewire, the electrical bolts shooting former nemesis of Supergirl in the
Arrowverse show, is recruited in Season 3 to travel to Fort Knozz, a space prison that
is near the blue sun, to hunt for a Kryptonian priestess who might know how to stop
Reign. Reign, one of Krypton’s Worldkillers, has world domination plans with Purity
and Pestilence and stopping her is important for Supergirl. Eventually, Reign finds
Livewire and attempts to kill her. Supergirl tries to save her, but in the chaos,

Livewire gets in the way of a laser blast that would have fried Supergirl to save the

5. Clayface:

There have been a number of Clayfaces over the years, but the first one
was Basil Karlo in Detective Comics#40. He has no exceptional powers, but he does
kill off all the cast members on the sets of the remake of one of his movies(he was a
failed actor). There were three more Clayface – Matt Hagen, Preston Payne and
Sondra Fuller. Eventually, Fuller brings together Karlo and Payne to form a team
named, funnily enough, Mudpack. The Mudpack was tasked with defeating the
Batman in Detective Comics Issue #604-607. Karlo actually gains a lot of powers
with DNA transfusions from the other two Clayfaces and turns into a powerful
shapeshifter. After the DC rebirth, Basil Karlo is a young actor again and Batman
eventually hires him to be one of Gotham’s protectors. However, this does not work
out for long. He takes the job very seriously but his girlfriend Gloria exposes him to
the public, turning them against Batman and his force. Karlo eventually disfigures
Gloria in a horrendous act. From there, Karlo spirals out of control and becomes a
top notch monster. In Detective Comics #974, Cassandra Cain talks him down while
Batwoman shoots him with a special that turns him into mud and clay.
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