5 Strongest Kids In The Marvel Universe, Ranked

Back in the 60’s, Spider-Man stood apart from all other heroes in Marvel but it wasn’t because of his abilities. It was because he was a kid, just like all of us and he was way more relatable. He fought against villains as a 15-year old. Since then we’ve seen Marvel bringing in many kids into their universe.
Some of them can be seen in X-Men while some are present in Young Avengers. Today we bring to you the top 5 most powerful kids in the Marvel Universe.

5. Genesis

He was also known as Kid Apocalypse and was basically a younger version of Apocalypse. He attended the Jean Grey school and Deathlok once predicted that he’d either be a great villain or a hero when he grows up.
He has been explored by writers but his clash with Warren Worthington when he became the New Apocalypse was loved by fans.

4. Kid Gladiator

He’s the son of Gladiator and has shown a promising attitude since his debut in Wolverine and The X-Men issues. He’s very similar to his father and has super strength, impressive speed and invulnerability which makes him lethal in battle.
He has even fought alongside the Avengers and did a fairly good job there too.

3. Hope Summers

During the events of M-day, all eyes were on Hope Summers if she could save the entire mutant race. After all, she’s an Omega level Mutant with some incredible powers. She was also responsible for activating the X-gene in the population which preserved the mutants.
She can also mimic other mutants in terms of power and the character has grown strongly over the years.

2. America Chavez

She’s the member of Teen Brigade in Vengeance #1 and Her power level is tremendous and almost unmatchable. She can break through inter-dimensional barriers and can transverse the multiverse too.
She’s currently the member of Ultimates and she is seen as the strongest contender to join Avengers.

1. Franklin Richards

He’s the first child of Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman and is seen as the most powerful Mutant ever. He’s seen as a Beyond omega level Mutant and we got a better glimpse of his abilities when his future version came in.
He can create pocket universes and can even bend Galactus to his will. TAKE A BOW!
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