5 ‘Badass’ Alternate Versions Of Batman You’ll Only See In Comic Books!

5. Batman becomes a God, and well, also a real dick.

Batman once sat on the Mobius Chair in “The Darkseid War” storyline. This allowed him to travel time and space, and gave him access to endless information. He becomes a “God of knowledge” but then he doesn’t use these powers really well….
He used them against Green Lantern; a hero who has never gotten along well with Batman. The Chair brought the worst out of Bruce and you can feel the absolute power getting corrupted. Bat-God even went to Theymyscria, home of Wonder Woman. Later, he confronted Joe Chill and mind wiped his memory, leaving him hollow from inside. This Batman would definitely creep you out!

4. Vampire Batman goes absolutely crazy!

The second chapter of the Vampire trilogy saw Batman, who’s now a vampire after his fight with Dracula. This corrupted Batman who chose to get staked at his own request. Later, he was revived by Gordon and Alfred after the city got really polluted by criminals.
Vamp-Bat killed all the criminals. Alfred had to give his life to save Batman who sucked into his blood and saved himself.

3. Batman’s Son takes over, cancels the Apocalypse

Batman Beyond is the best example of what mortal Batman would look likein future when he might have to step down due to old age. The issues showed Terry McGinnis stepping in as Batman while the older Bruce Wayne acts as a mentor. Later on, it is revealed that Terry is a clone of Bruce, made by the government with a hope that there will always be a Batman.
In Batman #666, we see Gotham watched over by Damian Wayne, the biological son of Bruce and Talia. In the current modern-day scenario, he’s just a cunning and violent boy but in this reality/issue, he became the new Batman after the Bruce’s death. He killed the bad guys if he found it necessary and his ways were different from Bruce’s. This version of Batman went on to make a deal with Devil and gained supernatural abilities at the cost of his soul.

2. Medieval Sorcerer Batman is totally cool!

This came in the Sorcerer Kings arc, where Superman of the modern era is thrown into another universe. Here, we come across Wizard Batman who doesn’t really rely on his classic arsenal of gadgets. The Superman of this world has been killed and our original Superman fills his spot.
And well, to make things sound cooler, this Batman has a dragon as his “Batwing”.

1. Flashpoint Batman

The Flashpoint storyline was a game changer for the DC universe and the breakout star from this was certainly the new Batman. In this, we learn that it wasn’t Bruce’s parents but Bruce himself who died that night in the crime alley. Thomas Wayne went on to become a different kind of Batman who loved killing people.
Martha Wayne becomes the Flashpoint version of Joker which is equally compelling and amazing. The Flashpoint Batman became so popular that he returned in the Earth-2 series.

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