4 Most Popular ( And 3 Most Terrible) Rip-offs of Marvel and DC Comic Heroes!

Rip-offs are a word which are nothing new to the comics. A lot of derivatives of comic book characters have arrived and made a lasting impression on the audience. Sometimes, it is because of how good they are, whereas other times, its because of how miserable they are. And here at animated times we are making our best picks for the Rip-offs who became more popular and for those who became more miserable.


Doom Patrol debuted in the DC’s My Greatest Adventure#80 IN 1963. Just after 3 months, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby wrote the X-Men in X-Men#1.
It is needless to say that X-Men became way more popular than Doom Patrol. Both of the team were comprising of superpowered “freaks” either humans or mutants. Doom Patrol was led by Chief, whereas X-Men by Professor X.
Doom Patrol had its moments but was never able to connect with the audience as much as the X-Men.


You can’t just bring any character any close to Superman. Marvel tried creating Hyperion in Avengers (Vol.5)# 1. Writtem by Jonathan Hickman, Hyperion is equipped with powers similar to Superman. The origin story is kind of the same too. Hyperion arrived on Earth as a baby as the sole survivor of a race known as Eternals. He joined the Squadron Supreme- which is kind of a Marvel ripoff for Justice League- and like Superman he too is charged by cosmic radiation.


This ripoff of Marvel’s Namor proved to be one of the most popular ripoffs ever. Introduced 2 years later after Marvel’s Namor, Aquaman was drawn by Howard Sherman. Namor and Aquaman, both are rulers of Atlantis in their respective universe.
The edge Aquaman enjoys over Namor is having his consistent role in DC’S Justice League. True. Aquaman was one of the founding members of the League and has always been deeply associated with every issue of it. And now in the cinematic universe too, Aquaman is getting his own solo movie this year.


One of the most perfectly written character of the DC universe is The Penguin. Marvel tried their hands on the Penguin ripoff- The Owl, 20 years later after Penguin origin in Daredevil#3.
The Owl is NYC Crime Lord who has a limited ability to fly. This is the only thing which sets him apart from The Penguin. However, the mastermind of The Penguin is still unmatched by the Owl.
Not only this, Penguin has already got a cinematic appearance and we don’t see The Owl getting the same any time soon.


After 24 years of Flash, Marvel decided to create their rip-off of the speedster by creating Quicksilver in X-Men#4 (1964).
But Flash always had an upper hand on Quicky. Flash was always able to be a part of standalone comic issues. He had a background strong enough to earn him a solo hero reputation. Quicksilver always worked in teams, whether Avengers or X-Men. Not only this, Flash played centre roles in many Crises, and not to forget the famous Flashpoint Paradox. Quicksilver on the other hand never made such an impact.


This Marvel ripoff of DC’s Atom was a complete Doppleganger. But still, it became more popular.Hank Pym’s ANT MAN hit the comic universe in Tales to Astonish#35, whereas Atom was introduced a year before in Showcase#34.
Pym was unable to create a lasting impression as the Ant Man, but his first recruit Scott Lang just stole the show when he first came into the picture in Marvel Premiere#47.
Ant Man has got a solo movie and a teaming up with Avengers too, whereas Atom is yet to escape the small screen.
This says a lot about the popularity of the two.


Even though Bucky Barnes has now got Multiple movies to his name with crucial roles, he is still struggling behind Red Hood.
When Jason Todd returned from the dead as Red Hood- the story line drove everyone crazy. Red Hood was introduced only a few months after the Winter Soldier made his debut in Captain America Vol. 5 #1.
Once the sidekick of Batman, Jason Todd returned as Red Hood with a complete violent attitude and reckless killing morale. This deeply affected Batman’s complete character which made him much popular than Winter Soldier.
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