4 Best On-Screen Superhero Sidekicks Of All Time (And 4 Who Are Absolutely Terrible)

Every hero needs a sidekick. Okay, most of them. Some heroes even go on to get defined by the relationship they share with their sidekicks. Just like Batman, who likes being secretive and lot about him is revealed by his sidekicks like Dick Grayson, Tim Drake and Barbara Gordon.
But not all sidekicks are good and strong. Today we will tell you about the worst and the best sidekicks on-screen ever.

Worst: Curtis Holt

There are some heroes who have a big heart but they aren’t meant to be the same in the battlefield. Also known as Mister Terrific, Curtis showed up in Star City and worked alongside Green Arrow but she doesn’t know that Oliver was the hero.
Curtis is a genius in engineering and a former Olympic Gold Medalist and is skilled enough the vigilante life. He’s bad with his comic timing however and just ends up as an annoying character onscreen. He doesn’t have a mind of his own and we’re not sure why he’s on the Team Arrow.

Best: Winn Scott

It’s Winn Scott for the Supergirl, no matter how powerful she herself is. He’s her best friend and her biggest supporter. He was the first to motivate her and they worked together at CatCo and also helped her protect her secret and also helped her in defeating enemies. And of course, he designed her suit. Their bond has only grown stronger with each episode and that’s the world’s example to friendship goals.

Worst: W’Kabi

As the King Of Wakanda, T’Challa has a lot of supporters like Shuri, Nakia and Okoye but one his other advisers was W’Kabi, the head of Border Tribe, whose job was to secure the Wakandan border. He was also his best friend since childhood and his father was killed by Klaue and he’s upset about him always getting away from the Black Panther. As an advisor, one is supposed to put aside personal feelings and differences but when Killmonger returns with Klaue’s body, W’kabi changes sides. He was never truly loyal to T’Challa and can be the worst sidekick ever.

Best: Happy Hogan

Happy Hogan is Tony Stark’s bodyguard/chauffeur and is considered as more of a best friend by Tony. He is even left incharge of Tony’s emergency suit while Tony is away.
Happy always takes his job seriously and even mentors Spider-Man in Homecoming. He’s trusted by Tony to keep a watch on the kid while he becomes a hero. Happy is a true friend and isn’t impressed by Tony’s abilities and treats the same way as he did when he was a normal human being.

Worst: Trish Walker

Jessica Jones could be a hard person to live with but one person who is close to her is her adopted sister, Trish Walker. We see Jessica protecting Trish from Simpson and Kilgrave and she’s the only person about whom Jessica cares. They have a solid bond until Season 2 where Trish wanted Jessica to find more about her actual origins and used her for her own gain. Trish killed Jessica’s mother, thinking she was protecting her. This fractured their relationship and now they’re enemies to each other.

Best: Sam Wilson/Falcon

Captain America doesn’t have many genuine friends other than Bucky Barnes and of course, Sam Wilson. Starting with The Winter Soldier, Sam had been a faithful friend to the Captain where he helped them fearlessly in taking down HYDRA.
He even helps Captain in the Civil War and Infinity War and even Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie share a great bond offscreen so nothing has to be forced. As Evans is coming to an end of his journey in MCU, it wouldn’t be easy to imagine him without Sam.

Worst: Drax

Drax is just a big, dumb guy who’s there to provide comic relief during tense moments. He’s introduced as a dangerous prisoner in the Guardians of The Galaxy but is immediately weakened by his inability to understand metaphors and impatience to kill Ronan. In fact, his character makes the biggest change from the comics and no, we’re not saying that it’s bad. He’s just more of a hindrance than help and I don’t think his death in Infinity War broke anyone’s heart.

Best: Alfred

He had to be in our list. Alfred took care of Bruce Wayne after his parents died and supported him at every step. Since the 60’s, Alfred has been an important part of Bruce’s life and Batman. Alfred could indeed be termed as the familiar touchstone of the always-evolving Batman franchise. The recent portrayals of the character by Michael Caine, Sean Pertwee and Jeremy Irons reveal the character to be more like a partner. In other words, we can say that there is no Batman without Alfred.
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