30 Crazy Superhero Logic Memes Will Make You Laugh Your Ass Off!

Superhero movies are based on some super unreal facts. I mean they are meant to be unreal, but it is kind of a story and it has to make some sense. Atleast. But we know that ‘s just not possible. It is based on unreal activities. We all know and appreciate those facts. However, we are here today to point out the hilarious logic fails in the movies.

1. The era of the urinals. So true.

2. This is just so not possible.

3. The justice of the mighty Odin

4. This was indeed Spiderman logic.

5. What did he mean?

6. Oh this would be awesome!

7. Oops so this happens in the comic world too.

8. Just a click.

9. Oh Superman!

10. Loki is the God of Mischief

11. Just some general wondering.

12. Oh you suck Falcon.

13. Nicolas Cage is Love.

14. Oh you scared Mr. Batman.

15. Daredevil

16. Biggest Lie Ever.

17. We pity you Spidey.

18. Iron Man think again.

19. So you were saying?

20. This one is really gross.

21. What’s next? A Sperm?

22. We wanted to see Venom.

23. This is like cartoons.

24. This was unbelievable actually.

25. We love you Diana.

26. Poor Wanda.

27. Another way to beat Thanos.

28. Hilarious.

29.We all feel sorry for Wanda. But Ultron was so right.

30. What Captain America is also gay?

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