3 ‘Replacement’ Heroes Who Were Much Better Than The Original ( And 3 Who Were A Total Flop )

Since the beginning have the heroes been fighting evil and toiling towards making this world a better place to live in. However, there comes certain occasions where our heroes become helpless or unavailable. Such crucial occasions require some crucial measures. This is where their apprentices and successors kick in. Whenever our heroes couldn’t meet their responsibilities because if death, disease or disappearance, their side kicks take on their responsibility to fight evil.
There had been times when these replacement heroes played an excellent job and made a distinguished identity among the reader. However, not every replacement is accepted by the readers. Here is a list of 6 replacements who were liked, and disliked by the readers.

6. Better: Wally West

Barry Allen might have been the most popular among all the speedsters, and Jay Garrick might have been the first speedster, but when duty called, Wally West’s contribution was equally prominent. There had been several occasions when Barry couldn’t be available to save the world. Might have been due to death or disappearance, so in order to let peace prevail, he appointed Wally as his appreciate, who, in turn, didn’t fail his expectations.
He efficiently fought evil and at a point, he even became faster than Barry Allen.

5. Worse: Jason Todd

Soon after Dick Grayson quit being Batman’s sidekick for being Nightwing instead, Batman came across an orphan who tried to steal the tires of his Batmobile in the Crime Alley. That orphan, Jason Todd, turned to be Batman’s new sidekick.
It wasn’t long until Jason Todd became an arrogant, shot tempered character and started receiving hate from the readers. It was later agreed that Jason Todd did much better as Red Good than he did as Robin.

4. Better: Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier took over Captain America’s mantle after he was assassinated in Civil War.
Being Cap’s best friend, Bucky’s determination to fight and defeat Hydra and restore peace in absence of his friend Captain America truly showed what it means to be a good friend and and even better superhero. He knew what his responsibility was and it was almost emotional watching how close the both if them had come in the past time.

3. Worse: Teen Tony Stark

We all know what kind of reputation as a human Tony Stark has acquired over all these years. No matter how good a hero he is, he will always be the same arrogant human that he has been.
Now imagine what would be worse. Having the already Tony Stark behavior mixed with the attitude of a teenage boy. Disastrous. Marvel already knows what it was like. It was soon after Tony Stark became evil and was replaced by a new younger Iron Man. He didn’t last not was it any good.

2. Better: Cassandra Cain

Born to two most deadliest assassins in the DC Universe, Cassandra Cain was adopted by Batman and she didn’t just acquired the name of Batgirl, instead, she turned out to be one of the best Batgirls Gotham had ever seen, not to mention, she had the coolest costume
Although she was raised to end people’s lives, she swore to never kill someone after her first kill. Later, he successfully succeeded Barbara Gordon and with her set of amazing fighting skills, she fought the good fight.

1. Worse: Julia Carpenter

Julia Carpenter was created in a haste because Marvel feared that someone else would steal the idea of Spider Woman. She had nothing new beside from the fact that she was a girl. For this, they had to draw our Jessica Drew, who although having similar costumes, had powers which were totally different from that of Spiderman’s.
The readers didn’t like Julia much and she was eventually kicked out.
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