14 Superhero Movie Spoiled By Tie-in Products!

Movies have been making a huge amount of money from the tie-in products and merchandises, gone are the days when tie-in products would only consists of legos and toys, all the usual stuff, nowadays production houses will try to promote their film in every way possible and due to this fact they often end up spoiling the movie beforehand, which sometimes does more harm than good.

Today at Animated Times we’re listing 14 such tie-in products that spoiled a superhero movie big time!

14. Iron Man Zip-Loc Bag

Being the inventor Tony Stark is, we know that he’s always coming up with a new armor for every possible situation Earth might need saving from, Infinity War is no different, with Thanos coming to Earth to collect the Infinity Stones, it was a no brainer that Tony will be showing up in a new armor to stand toe to toe with him in the big fight.

Although we’ve seen this armor in the recent Infinity War trailers, the look of the armor was revealed long before the first trailer of the movie was released by a company called Zip-Loc that manufactures fine plastic bags, as it is one of the official merchandise partners.

13. Justice League Movie Theater Merchandise

Movie theater is the least expected place where you would expect to see the movie you’re going to see spoiled, and this is exactly what happened during the Justice League screening in many theaters across the states.

Warner Brothers was really careful about not revealing Superman in their promotional content before the release of the film, though it was a no brainer that he was ultimately gonna show up in the end to save the day, but the film industry decided to put his face on the all sorts of tie in products like popcorn tins, commemorative cups, decorative soda toppers)

12. Big Bang Theory Justice League Geekstakes

The Big Bang Theory is a huge show which is produced by Warner Brothers, the same production company which gave us Justice League. The show holds a weekly contest of ‘Geektakes’ in which you would spin a wheel to enter a weekly contest.

One of the Justice League themed Geekstakes contest was released before the movie which involved symbols of the heroes featured in the movie on the spinning wheel, among which a green lantern symbol was present too.This gave fan a hint of a cameo in the movie.

11. Age Of Ultron Fathead Reveal

Fathead is a company that design really big vinyl die-cuts that you can stick to your wall. Fathead was merchandising partner for the Age of Ultron Movie.

One of the Particular Ultron Fathead Vinyl which was revealed before the movie gave fan a really detailed look at Ultron, the description that came with the Fathead also revealed that Ultron came to life as a result of Loki’s scepter, a detail which would’n have been revealed before the screening of the movie.


Every Halloween, costume stores in the States are loaded with Haloween costumes of people’s favorite superheroes, and though there are many bootleg costumes out there, there are plenty of licenced one’s too..

Before the release of Iron Man 3, many licensed costumes stores were loaded with Iron Man costumes. One of the costumes depicted Pepper Pots in an Iron Man armor, this spoiled the scene in the movie in which Pepper dawns the suit for a moment, saving herself when the bad guys try to Blow up Tony’s house.


Like Venom Amazing Spider-Man was hell bent on hiding what it’s main villain The Lizard would look like, though we knew that Dr. Kurt Conner will definitely turn into the famous Spider-Man villain the trailers never showed us how he would look.

Pez Dispenser, the company which is well known for putting POP-Culture icons on the top of it’s dispenser, had a partnership with the movie. The company released one dispenser with Spider Man and one with The Lizard before the release of the movie, the Lizard dispenser obviously revealed the look of the character spoiling the movie along the way.


We all now know that we were supposed to see Superman in his iconic black suit from the comics minus the mullet, a company named New Era which had a license to make Justice League related hats for the film released one based on the same iconic black suit which also came with the description which notes Superman coming back to life wearing this costume in the movie, which really confirmed the appearance in the movie.

Unfortunately, due to Zack Snyder leaving the director’s seat for the personal reasons, the scene with the suit was changed leaving the fans craving for a seemingly non existent Snyder Cut ever since.


Novelization have been driving film studios nuts since ages, but they are still pretty common today as they earn the producers some extra money on the side, but they still hate the idea of revealing plot details in the novel of the film so they often cut the story off before the ending.

Same thing happened with Spider Man Homecoming, the novelization of the movie revealed every little detail of the movie upto the point where we get to know(SPOILER ALERT) that Liz’s dad is Vulture and that Michelle’s lat name is Jones, thus making her “MJ” which spoiled too much of the film!


Kellogg’s has been one of the biggest supporter for the Spider Man movies, from Sam Raimi’s trilogy to Mark Webb’s Amazing spider man they did tie-in as well as online video games.

Kellogg’s released a mobile game for the Amazing Spider Man 2, leading into the game a trailer for the movie was played first, narrated by Stan Lee himself! The trailer revealed the Norman Osborn had died and his son Harry Osborn had taken over his company, this information was not revealed until the movie was released.


This one is a bit weird, you don’t actually expect superhero movie spoilers from a mortgage but a company called rocket mortgage released an ad shot which revealed Iron Man’s new Wakandan style repulsors for the first time.

Apparently the message of the company was that it protects you so damn much that you can happily roam around the streets even when a superhero battle is going on in the neighborhood, I’d definitely go for them, that’s for sure.


In Marvel comics A.I.M. is an organisation run by a group of evil scientists, it was well know before the release of the movie the A.I.M was going to be involved in the movie but further details about the context were held by the production house.

Well before the release of the film, licensed A.I.M. T-shirts were release keeping the basic visual design of the comics, making the role of A.I.M. a bit more clear.


People treat every information that comes out for the movie as gold, so when a mug came out with the print of Thanos’s private henchmen The Black Order, the was another unknown character on the mug, which was later revealed to be the General of the alien, the Outriders that thanos control, known only as “Outrider General”, not a really huge character but still a really important pawn in Thanos’s plan.


Guardians of the galaxy movies does the best job of hiding the details of it’s plot out of all the MCU movies, though some spoilers of Kurt Russel being the main villain of the movie were revealed by the means of some toys.

It was the movie’s soundtrack that featured an original song named ‘Guardian’s Inferno’ where the lead singer shouts the lyrics, “My daddy was a planet!” which revealed one of the big details about the movie beforehand.


Soundtrack listings have been traditionally spoiling movies since the dawn of the Internet in the 90’s, the first Star Wars prequel in 1999 was one of the first movie of that era that spoiled the funeral of QUI-Gon Jinn by literally referencing it in their soundtrack.

Although JL wasn’t even close enough when compared to the Star Wars prequel, you’ll definitely get the some idea about the plot details by reading some of the songs that were listed in the soundtrack:

13. “The Tunnel Fight” 14. “The World Needs Superman” 15. “Spark of The Flash” 16. “Friends and Foes” (includes elements of John Williams’ “Superman Theme” from Superman) 17. “Justice League United”

Get it?

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