10 Things You Definitely Missed In Deadpool 2

This article contains major spoilers for Deadpool 2. Please proceed at your own risk.

Deadpool 2 is out in the theatres. And I am writing this article on my own experience. The movie is kickass. The story line might not be very exciting or thrilling or surprising, but the dialogues, the direction and the acting made it one of the best movies from 20th Century studios. The movie was full of dank jokes about DC universe. The movie actually roasted Hugh Jackman and The Wolverine. It also had such a great cameo that many of us actually missed. Here are the top 10 things that you missed it Deadpool 2.

1. Brad Pitt Cameo

As Animated Times already told you, Deadpool 2 actually had a secret secret cameo from Brad Pitt. And he was there indeed. Brad Pitt was in talks to play the anti-hero, Cable. However, he ended up doing a 1 second cameo in the movie. Remember when Vanisher got tangled in the electric lines, then we got the glimpse of Brad Pitt.

2. Hugh Jackman Les Miserables reference.

The movie is kind of a roast for Hugh Jackman and Wolverine. From the “Logan pierced through the wood” showcase to Ryan Reynolds signing on Hugh Jackman’s cereal cover, everything kind of roasted Hugh Jackman. But what we missed was Jackman’s Les Miserables reference. Hugh Jackman was Prisoner 24601 in Les Miserables and so was Russell in Deadpool 2.

3. Juggernaut shares a relation with Charles Xavier.

As we saw in the comics, Juggernaut is the step brother of Charles Xavier aka Professor X. Juggernaut’s actual name is Cain Marko. In the movie, when Russell teams up with Juggernaut and goes on to destroy the orphanage, he asks him about his helmet. He then reveals that it was to stop his brother, Professor X, from controlling his mind.

4. Young X-Men Cameo.

When Deadpool actually demolished himself, he was brought to Xavier’s school for gifted children by Colossal. There we see a blink of cameo from the young X-Men. We had the Beast, Professor Xavier and Cyclops there. Funny enough, the movie also featured Cyclops’ kid, the Cable.

5. Deadpool Creator’s can’t draw feet.

When Deadpool was torn apart by Juggernaut, he was brought back to his apartment, when he could grow up his feet again. Deadpool mentions that the creators couldn’t draw feet. This is actually true. Rob Liefeld, who brought Deadpool to the Marvel world was never able to draw legs properly.

6. Dopinder taxi Alpha Fight Reference.

Many of us wouldn’t know the Alpha Fight, the most famous Canadian superheroes. Deadpool is a proud Canadian and in no ways would he miss a chance to pay tribute to them. If you would look closely at the top of Dopinder’s Taxi you will see the posters of Alpha Fight.

7. The “Essex House for Mutant Inhabilation”

Don’t you think, you know this name from some place? Haven’t you heard it in the Wolverine franchise? Well, you must have.

“It was the company that showed its name in the X-Men: Apocalypse post-credits scene, gathering up the evidence of Wolverine’s involvement in Weapon X – and potentially taking that material forward to grant Wade Wilson his own similar abilities. And with X-Men: Dark Phoenix a new Miss Sinister could play a significant part in the story, too.”

This gave us a hint of the probable villains in the third part of Deadpool series.

8. The Cable Height

In the comics, Cable is actually pretty taller. Cable is from a future far far away and the genetics of human race have evolved. The human race is taller in the future and so is Cable.
When introducing the X Force about Cable, he makes a reference that he is not as tall as shown in the comics, he is just 5’11”.

9. One Eyed Willie!

There was no way Deadpool would have let Josh Brolin go without a reference to the famous One Eyed Willie Goonies.
Watch this video to know more.


10. The regeneration time

This movie actually made it clear how much does it take for Deadpool to regrow his body parts. It’s 3 days. Remember when Colossol bought DP from his place where he literally exploded himself, he mentioned that he has been asleep for three days. And then he wakes up all fit and fine with all body parts perfectly grown up and in place. This says a lot.

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