10 Powerful Female Superheroes Who Can Crush Wonder Woman In A Fight!

Wonder Woman is undoubtedly one of the strongest female heroes not just in DC but in both the universes. She is a trained warrior and daughter of Zeus. Here, we are going to tell you about some powerful women who can give a hard time to the Wonder Woman.

10. Supergirl.

Supergirl has once beaten Superman and she can definitely give a tough fight to Wonder Woman. She might beat her with her sheer strength itself.

9. Captain Marvel.

She is often termed as the most powerful Avenger and can absorb all attacks and later turn them into her strength. Well, she can totally beat WW.

8. Phoenix force.

Jean Grey won’t be able to defeat WW because telepathy doesn’t work with her but as Phoenix force, it’s certain that WW would lose.

7. Lady Thor.

Jane Foster wielded Mjolnir and became Thor which proves that she is a great warrior. Though she might not defeat WW in a combat but with the hammer and lightning, she might give her a hard time.

6. Emma Frost.

The most powerful telepath alive, Emma can enter WW’s head and make her remember Steve Trevor or Amazon, which can make WW weak.

5. Storm.

Storm has defeated WW in crossover in 1996. She can manipulate weather and is often called ‘Weather Goddess’. She is also an Omega level hero and can and earlier has easily defeated Wonder Woman.

4. Angela.

Angela comes from a place of violent killers and is an extremely trained fighter. Oh and not forgetting, she is the daughter of Odin. She can defeat or give WW a really thought time.

3. Ms. Martian

Her powers can be estimated more than Green Lantern and Supergirl and they consist of mind control, shape shifting, x-ray vision, microscopic vision, telescopic vision. Diana is definitely no match for her.

2. Hela.

The goddess of Hel who can raise hell is one of the strongest female Marvel villains. She is often termed as the God slayer and she’s Loki’s daughter who can also bring her love, Thanos into the fight.

1. She-Hulk

Jen Walters became one of the strongest superheroes after getting her Hulk powers after the blood transfusion in Marvel and Diana would easily get crushed in front of her strength. She would need all her weaponry and a bit of luck to stop the She-Hulk.
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