10 Most Successful Movie Franchises Of All Times

We’ve seen so many movies developing into a big billion dollar movie franchises. Fans always want more of these movies and this advantages the studio with profit. Here are the ten biggest movie franchises according to their total box office earnings:

10. The DC Extended Universe

There have been five movies in this until now and well, one might say that the coming movies do have potential though they yet haven’t been able to impact much on the box office. It started with Man Of Steel followed by Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad and the latest, Justice League. It has earned a total of 3.76 billion dollars worldwide.
It’s nowhere close to MCU but obviously it’s still the starting phase for DC so we’d have to wait for its development. Wonder Woman was the biggest movie until now and well, we can expect a lot out of it in the coming days.

9. Transformers

Paramount Studios has always been behind the Transformers movies. Just like DCEU, they’ve pitched in 5 movies until now and has managed to gross $ 4.38 billion worldwide. They’ve failed to come out as a financial success despite having a good cast and potential. Lack of imagination, choppy editing, poor scripts can be the few reasons behind its failure to ignite magic.

8. Pirates of the Carribean

Disney’s Pirates of The Carribean comes out surprisingly in this list and have made a lot of money in their five movies. The franchise centered around Johnny Depp has made around $4.52 billion worldwide. However, the movies seem stretched now and seems to have run out of ideas. It’s just the established fandom of the franchise that’s helping the studio to grab money.

7. X-Men

20th Century Fox’s biggest gun in Hollywood has been X-Men which they established around 18 years back and they have two more movies, namely X Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants coming up after Deadpool 2, which released recently. They’ve released 10 movies until now and have grossed around $4.99 billion worldwide with Deadpool and X-Men: Days of Future Past being the top grossers in the bunch.

6. The Fast & Furious

This is one of most energy-filled, thrilling and fast paced action franchises of all times. It has been here since 18 years now with 8 films and has created a vast pool of characters who have worked with each other to pull of impossible crimes. With the addition of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in Fast 5 (2012), the franchise entered into an all time high. It has earned a total of $5.13 billion worldwide.

5. The Hobbit and The Rings

There have been six movies which have been adapted by the Warner Bros beginning with the Lord of the rings trilogy followed by the prequels called The Hobbit trilogy. This is one of the best franchises ever and the greatest work of Peter Jackson in his career. It has managed to bag $5.88 billion worldwide.

4. James Bond

This has been the longest running franchise among all in the list, going all the way to 1962. Spectre, which was the last release was the 24th instalment of the franchise. Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan have been the last two iterations of James Bond and it has made $7.04 billion worldwide.

3. Harry Potter

This has been the biggest success of Warner Bros till date. The adaptation of the famous JK Rowling’s Harry Potter which has now been re-launched with a prequel series with Fantastic Beasts has been an immense success among Potterheads worldwide. The nine movies have made $8.53 billion in total for WB.

2. Star Wars

This has been huge since the 80’s, when Star Wars debuted. First came the original trilogy followed by the prequel trilogy in early 2000’s and three more movies after that making it to 9 movies. This has been the second most successful franchise and has grossed $8.84 billion worldwide.
It was rebooted by Lucas Films and a new trilogy was launched with the first being Star Wars: The Force Awakens and second, The Last Jedi, both doing incredibly well in the theatres worldwide. The next installment comes next year and is directed by J.J. Abrams who has promised fans a spectacle like never before.

1. Marvel Cinematic Universe

Since Iron Man in 2008, Marvel hasn’t looked back since. It has gone on to become the biggest brand in Hollywood with 19 releases in the last ten years. And well, there are four more to come till the next year. The immense success of Infinity War has pushed the total earning of MCU to a whopping $16 billion worldwide. WOW!
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