Queue Epic Sound Track


I just finished watching the new X-Men Trail and the music was inspiring. John Murphy- The Surface of the Sun.It fit for me as the new new soundtrack for my life.

I’ve been a wee bit busy doing awesome.

Or Epic…whatever.

Have a listen:

The Surface of the Sun

Are you listening? So the past…I don’t know, 4 months, I discovered that I missed University. It was such a big part of my life so I filled that part with something else. A few friends and I co-founded a new Foundation, Do away with SMA. We built a web site, started some virtual races, planned a 10k trail race through Edmonton’s River Valley (by the way, if you are in Edmonton August 17, I expect you to do one of the following: Register for the race OR volunteer for the race. I am not giving a 3rd option for family and friends. YOU HAVE TO BE THERE.)

We are pretty busy will all kids of EPIC shit… true story. DAWS has become my third child. And she needs a lot of attention. Luckily my eldest turned 18 and is a legal adult who asked me to sign a permission for for him to go on a field trip….Kid, you can vote and drink and move out. Why am I still giving permission to go to the church for a graduation retreat?

Sometimes you have to be told you are an adult because you never ever quite feel like one.

The daughter informed me she is moving to Vancouver to become a star. Then I saw her perform in her rock band… yep, I believe her.

My kids are growing up and I wanted a new kid… so I helped create DAWS.

Our mission is to help fund research to find a cure for Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  To do that, we are doing a bunch for crazy things, like running from San Francisco to Anaheim in 20 days…that is 500 miles. that is a marathon a DAY. A DAY!

However, we are doing other stuff too, like celebrating the Star Wars Fan Day, May the Fourth Be with you…because truth be told, we are a major bunch of geeks. The kind that quote movies in appropriate moments in life  – or not so appropriate… The kind that wear shirts that say “I know” or “who you calling scruffy?” (Obviously I am the Han Solo fan). We are the kind of geeks who have collections – not stamps or coins – but action figures or race medals.

(I once ended a resignation letter with “May the Force be with You”. Ya….the ex-boss didn’t appreciate it like I thought she might. For a young padawan, she had lots to learn.)

We are the kind of geeks that enter a race for the medal – the prestige of the medal – the kind of medal that says “You are such a geekdom fan!”

To celebrate that geeky side, we are hosting a May the Fourth Be with You Virtual run.

Listen to this now:


This is the medal:


For those of you that are non Star Wars fans, or not as big a geek as me, this is the Rebel Alliance crest. Rebel forces worked against the Evil Empire to destroy the Death Star….and piss off Darth Vader aka Anaken Skywalker the father of Luke and Leia (sorry for the spoiler but GEEZE it was from the 70’s you should have heard by now)

When I was a kid, my brother and I played on the stairs of our home, recreating epic battle scenes from Star Wars. We had every star wars action figure known to mankind. Lucas was a marketing genius! I was only allowed to be the sand people or jawas…never cool figures like Chewy or Han. We used a kleenx box for the sand speeder and made ‘pew pew’ sounds all day long. We saw the movie 3 times and this was before vcrs and dvd players.  WE stood in line at the Paramount (a single movie theatre – not a multiplex – the line wrapped around the block. We shared a seat. It was epic.

I still make “pew pew’ sounds and have downloaded all the John Williams sound track for my epic May the Fourth Run.


I got side tracked…

I get like that with geeky stuff.

So this virtual run is something you do on your own or with other geeky friends. Or regular friends. It really doesn’t matter.

First you visit here: May the Fourth Be With You 

Register for the race and pay $30 on our secure e-commerece paypal site.

You run/walk/roll 5k, 10k or farther. It’s your choice. we email you an EPIC bib like this one – only yours will be personalize  and have a unique number.

This one is mine:


Star Wars font is cool, too bad my University Profs didn’t appreciate it like I do.

When you are done, take a photo of you and your pals, just you and your bib or your watch or your running shoes….quite frankly it doesn’t matter, as long as you send us confirmation that you participated and are ready for your medal to be mailed to you!

Once you get your medal in the mail, it would be swell if you took a photo of you WITH your medal like all racers do at the finish line. Wear it proudly! Why?

1)you completed a race

2) the proceeds go to the Do Away With SMA Foundation – did you know Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) is a motor neuron disease. The motor neurons affect the voluntary muscles that are used for activities such as crawling, walking, head and neck control, and swallowing. It is a relatively common “rare disorder”: approximately 1 in 6000 babies born are affected, and about 1 in 40 people are genetic carriers.

3) it is the Jedi way.


If you do not want to participate, think about sponsoring me. You can find my donation page HERE.



Musings of the Tourist

Do you even remember me?

I have a new blog, new look, new attitude   scratch that, same attitude. I still look at things with humor. I find things odd and I have become less tolerant of immature behavior.  I chalk it up to being old -ish.  I have figured out a lot of things and now I am ready to just be. I am celebrating the butterfly stage. For those of you wanting more detail, head over to the About ME page, it’s all there. Meanwhile, I am forging new ground for myself and calling it Musings of The Edmonton Tourist.

I spent my summer thinking…I should blog about that – but I didn’t have the forum. I knew I would come back to the bloggoshere, eventually. Let’s get started shall we? We have to catch up!

This summer I started a new project with a friend of mine that I will announce in January. It is pretty exciting and takes up a lot of my time. It makes me crazy and it makes me laugh. I am inspired by it and I wish it was a paying job. Meanwhile, I love spending all my spare time on it. Curious? HA! wait for it. It will blow your mind.

Then I did the usual things like run races, go to festivals, hang out with friends and read. Wait a tic…I didn’t read much.  I quit book club because I need more time to read books I want to read. I just don’t have all the time in the world lately – did I ever? But the moment that sticks out in my mind was  my sister’s wedding. It was a beautiful affair in her backyard with just family. My brother, of course was there.

When I say of course, that isn’t a given. You may expect my brother to show up for these events but circumstances are such that he may or may not make it. He requires lots of reminders, as does my sister. I am known as the family calendar. I am suppose to remind everyone of these major events. But this past year has me forgetting everything. Clearly we have now all reached that age of forgetfulness.

I arrived at my sister’s wedding decked out in my new fabulous red shoes and Teal Dress that is – 7 sizes smaller than I would have previously bought. I know 7 SIZES SMALLER!! The back yard was filled with Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head decorations, Hot Wheels as a cake topper and charming black and white photos of the Bride and Groom and their family. Hmm, when I put it that way is sounds redneck, but honestly it was fabulous and charming! The Ice Cream Truck drove by and the Bride and Groom ran to get ice cream, the even got their picture taken in the back of the ice cream truck. Cute and adorable!

I was hanging out visiting with all the people I love in the back yard and my brother came to join the conversation. He will always be Mikey to me. My baby brother 1.5 years younger than myself. My partner in crime and my bench mark for when my kids do bad stuff. I say to myself, “Did Mickey and I do that? Is it worse than anything we had ever done? No? My kids are then ANGELS.” It’s true, Mikey and I were HELLIONS in a big way. From having campfires under the bed to skipping school for an entire week when we were in Grade 5 and 3, we were bad, but we have great stories for our kids!

So Mikey comes up to me and says,

M: “Hey, I called you to wish you a happy birthday!”

Me: When?

M: Yesterday, wasn’t yesterday your birthday?

Me: Yes, Awww Thanks Mikey I don’t think you ever called me before!

M: Well, I was really calling because I needed help updating my Apple TV

Me: Oh… gee thanks

M: Well, I CALLED! How come you didn’t call me back?

Me: Did you leave a message?

M: No I hung up.

Me: Then how was I to know you called?

M: You don’t have fink phone?

Me: Only for numbers in my phone, I don’t have yours because you never answer the phone, so whats the point?

M: True, but you still should have called me back.

Now if you can see the logic in that, I will introduce you to my brother, I am sure you will get along famously.