Basically: Tea Cake

This week’s recipe from Basically knocked my socks off. It’s an Earl Grey Yogurt Cake. You can find it here. This is one of those things that reminds me that Canada is sometimes culturally different from the U.S. A tea cake to me is some sort or bread/bun yeast confection. But this is a quick bread. Either way, I never would have made this had it not been part of the challenge.

I love Earl Grey tea. It’s my go-to hot beverage in the afternoon. I love the floral notes mixed with the black tea. I buy high quality tea because it’s worth it. Loose leaf Twinnings in the tin is my favourite. I’ve made other recipes with Earl Grey, but they have always been steeped, never have I seen a recipe that calls for loose leaf tea. If you face trepidation like I did, rest assured it is worth it and is amazing.

The other thing I learned is streaming the oil into the batter makes it very light. I suppose whisking everything for the full minute helped too.

I set the timer and whisked the eggs and sugar together. One full minute was 45 seconds longer than I would have normally done it and it was worth it. I then added the 3 tbsp of tea and 2 tsp of vanilla.

It was so fragrant!

Then I added the dry ingredients. I’m still not used to separate bowls but I understand why it’s recommended. It keeps the batter light.

Then I drizzled in the oil, while I kept whisking. Honestly that was tricky but the tip to put a kitchen towel under the bowl was smart, use a damp one to keep it from sliding around.

I sampled the batter at this point and made the executive decision not to offer the whisk to anyone. I selfishly kept it to myself.

Having a prepared loaf pan was also smart. I have a 9″ pan but they warn against something too small and recommend holding back a 1/2 cup of batter.

I sprinkled sugar over the top, something I wouldn’t normally do and checked the oven temperature.

A little on the high side. Molly Baz talks about tips in the Basically instagram story. She recommends closing the oven door when you take baking out to test for doneness. That helps hold the temperature in. I learned this last week. Interestingly enough, I now stress over oven temperature. I never used to before.

In it went for one hour. This is theirs:

This is mine. It smells heavenly and tastes better than it smells.

Give it a go and let me know what you think.