Manly Chips #FindYourStrong

Today at coffee time, I busted out a bag of chips that has been in my desk since the first week I started my new position. They were a gift from my new boss because of an upcoming event…more on the event later.


Yes that is the Silence next to the chips…but this doesn’t surprise you with my love of geek.  But look at the bag!

Guinness Thick Cut Chips!

First off – Guinness!

Secondly – Chips!

Thirdly- They tasted Manly.

Not the Irish Spring Manly “and I like it too” but like Gravy and dirt. Manly stuff. I shared it around the office and everyone agreed “Manly” was the proper adjective. Not to objectify, but it changed our persona when we ate them. We felt  – well – manly in a cartoon fashion. We all agreed it needed cheese then it would be poutine chips. That would be a win!

But the real reason I was given Manly chips was because I earned a spot on Team Canada for the Race to Kinvara!

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 11.01.33 PM

It sounds more impressive than it is. Wait…its still impressive. And I have finally stopped crying about enough to tell the beginning.

I work in the Running industry. I know a lot about shoes. Saucony held a contest and I earned top spot for my company.

First off, you may not be able to tell, but I am super competitive. I like winning. I think that is why I run. I suck at winning when running. Last place is where I reside. Being last teaches me things that don’t feel comfortable but I learn more from that than if I was good at winning.

So winning this contest is incredibly complicated.

It means I get a Spot on Team Canada and I get to participate in a relay that will have my team run from Dublin to Kinvara in 3 days. Saucony asked my 5k time. I said 50 minutes because I stop for Sheep and Pubs. But the reality is that will be me running my heart out.

That makes me cry a bit.

I want to be fast, and I am faster than yesterday. But it is still painful to be last. Especially since Team Canada has Fast Runners. People who work in the running industry tend to be established runners who are fast. They look the part. They are fast and svelte. I am neither. So the fat girl in me is terrified. When I go for a run, a guy I work with says “Enjoy your walk” – WOW … I am defiant right back and tell him I may not be as fast as him, but I still run. I play a tough game but that makes me die inside.

Its like high school all over again. Watching everyone be good at something and me still trying to find that something I excel at.

But the flip side is, I am the only one for my company who out in out earned the spot. Others had their name drawn for a chance to go. I knew I got to go because of my placement. I was first.

I’m #1! I’m #1!

But I was kinda hoping I wouldn’t get to go. You  see, I started a new position and taking time off is complicated because of timing. But the powers that be graciously let me go because I earned it.

I need to remember that. No matter what anyone says to me about how slow I am … I EARNED IT.

I will also be about 100 years older than everyone too, that complicates things. But Dammit, I EARNED IT.

So here is the stuff I am super excited about:

  1. I am going to Ireland!
  2. I get a Team Canada Jersey. TEAM CANADA my childhood dream fulfilled! Sure its not the Olympics but I am on a RUNNING TEAM!
  3. I get to eat in Kilkenny Castle
  4. I get to visit the Guinness Factory
  5. I get to see Dublin
  6. I get to see Kinvara
  7. I get to run part of a 200km relay in Ireland.
  8. I get to go with my pal, he won a spot too!
  9. I get to visit Ireland.

I leave in 22 days.

My plane tickets came today. I cried a bit.

I suppose it is because of where I have come from. I changed my life, found my passion, turned it into my job, and became good at it.

Boom, Irony in its purest form.

I am good at what I do because I make connections with people just like me. People who want to run, so they take it one step at a time. People who want to be more than what they are. People who can tell I get them, because I am them.

Ironic because I am not good at the running part. But I am consistent. AND I have run. 8 half marathons in 3 years plus countless other distances.

Next Stop: The Race to Kinvara, luckily I have found my strong. Thank you Saucony for this amazing oppourtunity.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 11.01.12 PM

10 thoughts on “Manly Chips #FindYourStrong

  1. Hi! I’ve been following your blog(s) for a while now and have always enjoyed reading. We conversed before a little bit, I’m training at the moment for Dopey 2016.

    WHAT?! DUBLIN!! I’m Irish and have lived in Dublin all of my life and would you believe only days before you arrive I’m moving to London! Dublin is absolutely fantastic! The Guinness Storehouse is pretty good, make sure you go to the section where you learn how to pour your own pint! I would definitely have come out to support if I could.

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