The Mystery Box

My friend came to stay for a visit and brought a box as a gift. A simple wood box with dovetail corners, a 6″ square cube  with the lid glued shut.

With the lid glued shut there are two options. Pry it open, or leave it shut.

This gift came to me as part of a deeper meaning. It all stems from this video:

The premise of the box is The Unseen Mystery.

I spent some quality time with the box this morning. Holding it, flipping it around and wondering if something was put in the box or was it just glued shut while being empty.

Part of me wants to rip the thing open and see for myself. Chances are it is empty. But there are a myriad of items that could fit into it. I wouldn’t put it past my friend to put something in it. All of the possibilities would be just things. The meaning of objects becomes less powerful once it becomes a thing. 

Once I gave a my bestie a Grape Soda Bottle Cap Pin. It had nothing to do with the pin itself and everything to do with the meaning behind the pin. It was about taking risks, seizing the moment and trying new things. Risks were hard for both of us, but it was something we both were willing to try. So with pins in hand, we set out to try new things and report back on our experiences. So far, this has been a very successful adventure. New risks happen weekly. Some are terrifying and some are fun, but knowing we have the support of “YOU CAN DO IT!” behind us, it makes the leap of faith just that much easier.


This box isn’t quite the same but it has meaning – so its similar.

While looking at the box, I knew what I wanted to be inside. I don’t need things or trinkets, I like meaningful things. So I would prefer a note to be inside. Something that has a sweeping tale of friendship and possibilities for the future. Places and new adventures that friendship brings.

What I like about the box is not knowing. Something that holds that much potential becomes invaluable. A source of inspiration that becomes endless because there is no beginning and no end.

I have decided not to share what my box looks like because it doesn’t meatier. It is mine, it is a gift and it is meaningful.

It’s very first inspirational job was helping me plan my next adventure.

Stay tuned…

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