365 Days of AWESOME!

awesome-meter3 years ago I started off as the little girl who said no more than yes and played it safe with most life decisions…or made poor choices out of fear. The one day I woke up and decided to change my life. And change it I did!

I went to University to prove to myself that I was smart, that I could learn and to change the direction of my career. I went into teaching because I knew I would be good at it, and I was, but it never filled my passion cup. Yesterday at 8:34 pm MST, I submitted my final project and my last paper for University. If I end up getting zero on both of them, I will finish the class with a 70%. Cool. Yet I am worried sick about handing them in too soon.

I finished the number one most important goal I have ever set for my personal self. Sometime in January, I will see my marks and know I am a University Graduate. That is cool, shocking and overwhelming. I cried when I hit send yesterday. I worked hard, I completed 6 classes this year. SIX! That is stupid. That was MORE THAN FULL TIME. I am that girl who goes big or goes home. I tend to go big. AND I finished a month early. Why?

I start my new career on Tuesday and I wanted some down time with me. That’s right, with me. I will go for a run, do some planks, read Joseph Boyden (new favourite author!!!), bake cookies – I have not baked for fun in forever! I use to love to bake! I will make Chocolate Chips cookies for my kiddos and my new boss told me to make him some too. Oh…I work for men. SCORE! A new challenge! I have only ever worked for women. I have lots of new things coming up but I know from my very firsts half marathon, it is important to avoid the marathon blues.

Always have a ‘next thing’ in the wings.

I am on it!


I am the project manager for a Do Away with SMA. We are  turning it into a foundation that will do some great work. It has become my passion and I love what it teaches me and I love the team I work with. So that is a start (please please please go like us on Facebook and follow our adventures on our blog!). It is huge and I have big plans for it, but for now we are small and just getting started.

I am also starting my new career, it is a combination of management and fitness (seriously if you had asked me 3 years ago where I thought I would be…it would not be in the fitness career field!!). That will be a huge learning curve that I am super excited about!

Then I have nights and days off. Wow…what the hell is that? I think that is where I do fun stuff with friends and family. When my cousin finished Grad School, she started a project call 365 days of fun. She went wild with cool and fun things. Well…I will too.

My friend asked me if pre-scheduled stuff counts. Is it fun? If the answer is YES, then it counts!! I want to spend the next year, 365 days of them, making them count – being thankful and enjoying every single minute! I have worked hard for this moment and now I am going to celebrate. BIG TIME.

I have some pre-scheduled things like 4 destination races…how exciting is that?? I will be in Florida, Calgary, Hawaii and Los Angeles. There maybe a Vancouver in there, we will see.  So I know I am travelling and that is always fun!

Check list, Travel? Check! New career? Check! New Doctor on Doctor Who? Check! AND I find him kinda sexy too…finally a doctor who isn’t young enough to be my son prrrrrrrrrr.

I bought an Annual Pass for Disneyland AND Walt Disney World. That means I am going back for SURE next year…that is AWESOME!

Today I had a celebration with my Aunties. They gave me gifts for finishing school…WOOT! Who doesn’t find presents fun???  Oh, and I  bought an iMAC. I KNOW!!!! I hate Windows 7 so I quit the PC world and went full on Apple. I don’t know much yet, but let me just say this….WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG???

Tomorrow is day 2 of 365 days of awesome. Then Monday is day 3. Then my new job starts.

Welcome to the Edmonton Tourist’s 365 Days of Awesome! I can guarantee it will be interesting and it feels great to be able to write – ready – JUST FOR FUN! I am going to finish my book, I am entering Canada Writes with a sad tale from my past, fingers crossed they pick it!

Seriously…I cannot begin to tell you how happy I feel or how amazing it feels to accomplish hard goals that you set for yourself.

I recommend it.

Go out and be Awesome!


5 thoughts on “365 Days of AWESOME!

  1. I love your positivity! I think we are long lost kindred spirits because I can soooo relate to your drive, aspirations, running goals, desire to accomplish so much! Amazing! Looking forward to reading about the 365 days of fun. Which are you doing in LA?

    1. Thanks! I am pretty driven now…this is a newish thing (3 years now) I am running the Dumbo Double Dare in Disneyland – if I get in…I should because I will be on-line at 10:00 when registration opens and APers get first crack so I bought one ha! I want my Coast to Coast medal BAAAAAAAD 🙂

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