The Traditional Non-Traditional Canadian Thanksgiving

I am having the Oldies over for Thanksgiving Dinner this weekend.

Yes, in Canada, it is on the second Monday in October. It has nothing to do about shopping – Black Friday is a work day and in November…people ask me if I go crazy shopping – ummm no. That is what Boxing Day is for. There are only 2 football games, not a zillion. There is no Christmas Tree going up. We eat on Sunday because we like a rest day on Monday. It’s about the harvest, but I only know one farmer now…those days are changing. I am looking forward to my last Thanksgiving. Last? The plan is to be running half marathons on Thanksgiving weekend from now one. When some people retire they buy an RV, as I get older, I want destination races. This time next year? Hello Victoria Marathon Weekend! Dinner at the Empress – all great ideas in my book.

The other question I get asked is – How do you make your Turkey. I don’t.

from Nigella's How to Eat
from Nigella’s How to Eat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am hosting Christmas this year for the family, I will do a turkey then if I can’t talk my mom into making it. If I make one this weekend, no one but my Dad will eat it. So, I will make Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding for my boy, yams and mash potatoes, brussel sprouts for my girl and Pumpkin pie for me.

It is my favorite pie. Pecan Pie is second on the list.

I got a sugar pumpkin in my Organic Box last week and I cooked it, pureed it and today it will become 2 pies – the scratch kind. It is my opinion that if you are are going to consume calories…make them worthy. This pie is worthy.

The best part about this long weekend is, I am done the yard work. I need to move to a condo or a high-rise. I want to be downtown, close to awesome places that i like to hang out at and close to the river valley trail system. I am done with gardening and pruning, I am done with cleaning the big house. I want to downsize in both the stuff department and the children department. The sad reality is…the kids have to stay until they are of legal age to leave. I fear my son will never leave.

Where does that leave me?

With a house, a garden and drive to the river valley.

I need to fix this.

If I  move, I can still have homemade from scratch pie because there is a farmers market downtown. Local, organic, fresh produce – perfect.

Now… what to do about my teenagers…I need another plan.

8 thoughts on “The Traditional Non-Traditional Canadian Thanksgiving

  1. OMP (Oh my pig) are those pop over rolls in the picture?!?! I LOVE those things. Mom has tried, repeatedly might I add, to make those and just can’t. They are the bestest in the entire world when she brings the home. XOXO – Bacon
    P.S. Happy Thanksgiving. I’m in with whatever you make as long as there is no pork – snorts. Just let me know the time to arrive 🙂

    1. I grew up with them being called Yorkshire Puddings. I had no idea what a pop over was… but I suppose that is what they are. The secret is to heat the pan before you pour in the batter. Cook at 450F for 15 min, turn down the heat to 300F and cook for another 10. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR!! Chill the batter for 4 hours first 😉

  2. We are in Newfoundland, so a turkey is a must…along with salt meat and veggies and pie. I always manage to throw in some sweet potatoes. A throw back to my Ontario upbringing. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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