Giant Flies and other stuff called Art

There is something lovely about a warm September Saturday.

Fall is my favorite time of year. Warm during the day and cool and crisp in the evening. It was the Kaleideo Festival in Edmonton this weekend and my friend and I went. It was an art festival. There is one thing about artists, they are very relaxed and casual.

We arrived down at Alberta Avenue just before noon. Not very much was set up, in fact, people were still setting up booths and exhibits. It was a bustling atmosphere and family friendly…just not much open.

HODA was playing on the main stage, I had heard them before when they visited my school. The food trucks were all over the place. Edmonton has take food trucks to a whole new level. Gone is the Gut Truck theme and now it is gourmet fair with tantalizing yummies. I passed and moved on to the Artist’s Village. That is where I spent the last of my birthday money. Local art that I find beautiful.



We saw giant flies hanging from a building and popped into The Carrot, a not for profit Coffee House run by volunteers….What??? What a cool concept! We decided we needed to come back to visit this place.



By the time we wandered the 2 blocks of street festival, we realized that we still wanted to be outside, so we headed for the City Market Downtown. I love this street market! It is my favorite Farmer’s Market in Edmonton.


We bought spicy peanuts and butterflies, and I bought a bottle of great wine for my graduation day. The fresh vegetable smells mixed with dill and bbq was delightful. These kinds of events make me long for living close to the core of the city. I think I am done with living in the burbs. I want to step out my door and run in the valley, or walk to the market.

Out doors in the fall is fantastic.

What did you do today?


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