Organic Food or a Snickers bar – easy choice…now

Over the past couple of years in my Edmonton Tourist Journey, I have made an attempt to change habits for the better. Particularly food habits. It isn’t enough to just reduce calories, I need those calories to count towards healthy fuel building vitamins and junk like that.

My first time around in University, I would drink a coke classic and eat a snickers bar to get me through the day. Then have dinner with the family.

Coke = 160 of empty calories

Snickers = 250 mostly empty calories – it has a 1g of fibre and 4g of protein

Why? Well, I liked sugar. My boyfriend/fiance at the time preferred his women skinny and measured my belly fat on a regular basis and always gave me that disapproving look. Don’t GET ME STARTED! So, if I limited my intake during the day I could eat real food at night, I got my coke and chocolate fix and I existed on about 800 calories a day. Totally messed up my metabolism and health and life and DON’T GET ME STARTED! The biggest point I am trying to make is people can make positive changes in their life and stick it out.

I have discussed this with my dietician and I understand the need for variety in my life. I also understand why I need 4 – 6 servings of vegetables a day. 6 cups of bagged lettuce is not optimum. It will do in a pinch, but Lisa my dietician gets on my case about variety.

Here is my problem: I am a creature of habit. I go to the store and buy the same thing every week. Then I go home and make the same thing every week. Then I eat the same thing every week.

My metabolism is looking at me thinking “are you crazy? this is BORING!” then it falls asleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

So, I decided to do something about it. A Blogger Friend I read No Giving Up Now (although lately he is outside running all the time and has stopped blogging) orders a farm box and gets produce and other organic yummy things delivered to his home. It is an effort to buy local and support local organic farming. He lives in Ohio. That is not local for me.

Then a friend on facebook announced that she is doing the same thing only with a local company (of course) here in Edmonton! WHAT??? SIGN ME UP!

So I did.

And my first delivery came yesterday!

The delivery guy came to the door with this giant box.

photo 1 (8)


I opened it up and found this

photo 2 (6)


I unpacked the contents – it felt like an awesome trip to the farmers market! and found this

photo 3 (6)


Here is the list:

1 per Mango – Tommy Atkins
1 per Melon – Cantaloupe
1 per Apples – Gala
1 per Apples – Gala
2 per Apples – Pink Lady
1 pint Strawberries
2 per Oranges – Navel
1 Bunch Bananas – Fair Trade
1 Bunch Beets – Bunched Red
1 Bag Potatoes – Yellow – Local (T)
1 2 lbs Yellow Onions – Local
1 per Cucumber – LE – BC Local
1 per Avocado Haas – Fair Trade
1 per Eggplant – Black Globe
1 2-3 per Vine Tomatoes – BC Local
2 Head Lettuce – Red Leaf
1 30 g Broccoli Shoots – Local

The Broccoli shoots ended up being Sunflower shoots. I sampled them because I never had them before – yummy nutty and are going into my garden!! I am making a veg sandwich today with those in it! The strawberries that I had for breakfast taste like wild ones I pick in the mountains. I am super impressed with the quality.

The concept is easy. You sign up on the web page for the size box you want/need. I picked the large box for $55 because I have teens to feed – although my son thinks vegetables are a waste of money. It is my responsibility to keep him alive until he moves out then he’s on his own…

There are smaller less expensive boxes available. They send out an email each weekend telling you what is in the new box coming up. You can make changes. I didn’t take parsnips this week because no one else will eat them, so I got more lettuce and fruit instead.  They have other organic things like meat, milk, eggs, cereals etc that you can add to your box. You never have to go to the grocery store again. I love that idea.

The box came with a newsletter and a recipe. I leave the box on my porch next week for pickup and they bring me a new box filled with farmer’s market goodness. The variety will challenge me and all of it is good for me. I think I am liking this process.

If you head over to and decide to sign up, tell them I sent you and use this email

Just spreading the yummy love around.



8 thoughts on “Organic Food or a Snickers bar – easy choice…now

  1. Way back when I ordered one of those food packages you get for your freezer & thoroughly enjoyed it, but it probably wasn’t worth the money I spent. Yours looks great, but I would have a tough time with it since I don’t like melons of any kind & have never tried a bunch of those veggies! Good luck with your new eating venture!

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