Suicide Note: an Interview with Author Teresa Mummert

We all know how I feel about authors. They are my rock stars. There is something so amazing to me about having the ability to create a world in your imagination, invite others along for a peek and have them be caught up in your imaginary world. I know it is hard work, rewrites and edits, feedback – good and bad, but once I get writing, I lose myself in it. So the idea of being paid to write is somewhat of a fantasy for me.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to interview New York Times Best Selling Author, Teresa Mummert about her latest release Suicide Note, out on book shelves March 15, 2013. She was gracious enough to oblige me and is providing a gifted Kindle e-copy of her new book Suicide Note when it is released to one of my lucky readers! That means you! Contest closes March 14th, 2013,  at NOON Mountain Standard Time To enter the Book Giveaway, simply click on CONTACT me (above) with your name, preferred email address and leave a blog comment below. I will randomly select one winner on Thursday, March 14, 2013 at Noon MST. Good luck, and spread the word!



Thank you for stopping by my blog for this interview! I can’t tell you how excited I am about this and the giveaway.

The premise of your book Suicide Note is found on the website , “A soldier returning for mid-tour leave decides to stay with a cousin in Maine after his fiancé leaves him for someone else while he is away at war. His cousin is going through his own devastation and is struggling to pick up the pieces and move on with his family. As they try to help each other through the pain, Shane’s path crosses Jenn’s and he soon learns that everything happens for a reason.”

ET:  Suicide Note has been getting amazing reviews! Will it only be released in ebook format?

TM: It will also be available in paperback on Amazon.


ET:   Is this entire story from Shane’s perspective?

TM: It alternates perspectives so you can see what each character is going through while they are apart.


ET: How is it different writing from a male perspective than a female one?

TM: I tend to have the female characters wear their sleeves while the male characters keep their feelings inside.


ET: Being a writer sounds like the perfect flexible career since you follow your husband around for his military career. I understand this is a fictional story, but was it inspired through your experience as a military wife?

TM: Some of the experiences come from real life situations. The soldier on the pool table is a perfect example of that. It actually happened in Afghanistan to a soldier while my husband was deployed. The soldier survived.


ET: Does this kind of story happen more often than we would like to think about because of the transient and stressful life in the military?

TM: Everything in the military seems to move in fast forward. People marry younger and of course that can cause a lot of problems down the road. It is a highly stressful lifestyle and not everyone is cut out for it.


ET: Are you a big believer in “Everything happens for a reason”? Can you give me a personal example?

TM: I think no matter what happens in your life you can choose to make the best of the situation and grow from it. It is hard moving from place to place and being alone the majority of the time, but I have also made some amazing friends that I would not have met otherwise. I consider myself very lucky to be a part of it all.


ET: This is not your first book; I believe Suicide Note is your 6th book? You tend to write series. What is the underlying reason for turning a book into a series?

TM: Suicide Note will be my sixth book. When I write I like to picture the story in my head as a movie. The story ends but there is always so much more that can happen and I become very attached to the characters.


ET: Is the book concept serial based? Or perhaps the characters needed more room to tell their story? How do you decide which books will be serial and which will stand alone?

TM: It really depends. I start out only planning to write one novel but if the characters are still stuck in my head I will continue their story.


ET: Will Suicide Note be a series?

TM: Suicide Note is written as a stand-alone novel. I have tossed around the idea to write another from a different character’s perspective but I most likely won’t do that. I have too many projects on my plate. Jenn and Shane’s story is over.


ET: I noticed on your web page you have 6 more books waiting to come out. Can you tell me about your writing process?

TM: I write the novel that is currently stuck in my head. I start by creating the characters. Once I know what type of people I want them to be I create a playlist of songs that help me get into the emotional state of each one. From there I write until I get everything out that I think needs to be told.


ET: Is there a particular character that you feel more attached to than any other? Why?

TM: I really felt I could relate most to Jenn from Suicide Note. I put a lot of real feelings into the characters that I have felt during deployments and things of that nature.

 ET: Thank you so much for coming by to talk to me and my readers! This was a fantastic experience!

TM: Thank you so much for taking a chance on my novels! It means the world to me.

Visit the links below to find out more about Teresa Mummert

Suicide Note will be released march 15, 2013

Contest closes March 14th at NOON Mountain Standard Time. To enter the Book Giveaway, simply click on CONTACT me (above) with your name, preferred email address and comment below. I will randomly select one winner on Thursday, March 14, 2013 at Noon MST. Good luck, and spread the word! March 15 a person will be chosen randomly via randompicker.The winner will be notified via email and the winner will receive a gifted copy from Amazon to their email.

5 thoughts on “Suicide Note: an Interview with Author Teresa Mummert

  1. Great interview Robyn! Teresa Mummert has a new fan! Would love to win an e-copy of her new book

  2. This sounds like such a good book! I love books about people ~ their Stories, their lives. Maybe we can have “Suicide Note” as a Book Club Beauty selection. Either way, I am sure I will be reading it! 🙂

  3. Interviewing is quite different than blogging…this is a great, compelling interview Robyn! I wonder, did you know, did she mean a LITERAL playlist? Just wondering….J

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