The Princess Party with Diana Princess of Wales.

I belong to one of those kooky families that actually like doing stuff together. Weird and unusual, but true story. Friday night the women of my family planned and executed a birthday party for my mom. Like all great parties it was well themed. There were 4 generations present and all female. Girls night – girls gone wild tourist style.

The cast of characters:

GG – Great Grandma and mom to my mom.

Grandma – grandma to the grandchildren and mom to me.

Aunty – Sister to Grandma

Sister – My younger sister

Sister Wife – My brother’s wife

Niece – Sister’s daughter

ChatterBox – My kiddo

ET – The Edmonton Tourist (Me!)

Theme: Princess Party. When my mom turned 60 we had a Barbie themed party. This year we chose Princess themed, why? Well, Diana Princess of Wales Exhibit was in town and my mom, gran and aunty are MASSIVE ROYAL WATCHERS. I mean HUGE. Gran is kinda British. I’m not really sure, but lets say sure! It’s complicated and for the purposes of this story – YES she hails from a British heritage.

Dinner: Princess themed, so High Tea? Nope. Pub food? Nope. The local Chippy? YES! We went to Brits for deep fried everything. I had fish and chips – as did everyone else. No deep fried mars bars today. Now if they would deep fry a Cadbury Easter Cream egg…I might be in.


Sister took on the responsibility of Loot Bags, because we all know you can’t have a party without them! There was a choice of Red or Blue boxes – colours for the Union Flag (not Union Jack because we aren’t at sea. Look at you learning something new! STOP CALLING IT THE UNION JACK – unless of course you are on a boat…then its fine). I also enjoy Tardis Blue and Converse Red for the 10th Doctor…but that is just me, and ChatterBox…and other Whovians who were absent from this party.


Each box had lip gloss, nail polish, a glitter emery board, bubbles, a ring and a TIARA! Grandma started blowing bubbles right away and was joined by Niece and ChatterBox. My Bubbles were deficient and broken. But I put on the Tiara!




Sister and Niece dressed up in Tiaras and rings too!

The Box also had GORGEOUS Princess Di Rings – not the famed Engagement Ring – The Althorp Family Rings! Those are pink (look at you learning new stuff today!)


Here is the Birthday Princess in all her Royal Glory!


Here are the Old Birds looking like the Divine Diva’s they truly are!


After dinner we loaded into the Bus  Sister’s truck that seats a football team (she has a LOT of kids) and we headed to THE MALL (Edmonton Speak for West Edmonton Mall). We bought our tickets ($23.10) and walked the 15 miles to the exhibit – so I exaggerated  It was down to Phase one and up stairs past all the bridal shops, almost to the new Target. It was FAR from Guest Services.

I was taking a pic of the entrance when ChatterBox photo-bombed me


Then inside we went. There were no signs say no photography so I took some.

I drooled in front of the Tiara. It was prettier than the ones we wore. I bet hers was heavier tho (yes we were still wearing our tiara! It was a birthday party for crying out loud!)


The wedding dress was not as fabulous as I thought the night I stayed up to watch the wedding. I loved her cocktail gowns and the jewelry was spectacular. After she divorced, her fashion sense improved! The gal had fabulous taste.

Was it worth it? If you are a Royal fan YES – if not it was worth it just to see the music hand written by Elton John, Bernie Taupin and the score for the funeral by George Martin. That was so COOL!

Go wearing tiaras and rings. The staff treat you like royalty.

Happy Birthday Mommy!

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