Inappropriate Vintage Valentines Version 2.0

I am back this year with the Vintage Inappropriate Valentine edition 2.0. Last year’s edition was such a huge success I thought I would post a new set this year.  Because of the Vintage nature of the old cards that I love so much, I thought I would post these vintage innuendos because  I question how inappropriate they were for the times. There MUST have been people shocked and not thinking they were so cute.  Happy Valentines To all my readers!!

180880_10150094225943392_779723391_6413127_3442553_s5999591_f520 5999447_f520 5998953_f520 screwy Monkey-Valentine-e1297451540899 valentine-12 14-unintentionally-dirty-vintage-valentines-day-c-1-30008-1359552869-5_big LgValentine2 902ef4bb98396dd29683dbf5bb8cf1d4 SZQVAL3.1L

4 thoughts on “Inappropriate Vintage Valentines Version 2.0

  1. Woweeee! I’m reading “Cabbagetown”, right now, set in 20’s and 30’s Toronto. If this is the vintage of those Valentines, I doubt very much anyone was shocked by them – among those actually able to purchase Valentine cards, that is. Woweee….

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