Confessions of a Tourist: I am a Geek

I think I have reached Sci-Fi Maximum. For a geek like me, I once thought that was impossible.

Earlier today, after I came back from my run, I was sitting at my computer uploading the data from my Garmin. I heard a rumbling. It became gradually louder. My first thought was “OMG, is that a Dalek?” A Dalek is the ultimate bad guy from Doctor Who. They look like a salt shaker with a plunger and whisk sticking out of it. If they land here, chances are the entire human race will be annihilated without the help of The Doctor.

Domestic Darlek
Domestic Darlek (Photo credit: Bitterjug)

As the sound grew louder, it began to fill the air in my living room. My next thought was, “Holy Hell, are those Reavers?” Reavers are a group of humans living on the edge of civilized space. They are mindless savages that will stop at nothing in their paths. They are non-discriminative in their destruct, much like the Dalek. They only thing that could save me would be Mal and his Firefly crew.reaverupclose

My heart started that irregular beat that is associated with fear. Then I was thinking that sound must be the Smoke Monster, last seen in Lost. What the hell was I going to do? No Hurley, no Jack and sadly, no Sawyer to save me. Although I am as kickass awesome as Kate or Juliette…still, the Smoke Monster would be bad news.smoke-monster

AS I looked out my window, I could see only the stray snowflake float to the ground. The air was still and the skies were empty. I glanced over at the TV and noticed it was not Sci-Fi at all, but the opening sequence for Les Miserables and there was Jackman sans his claws. What? How is it possible that Wolverine was able to be angry and now expose himself for what he really is?

That was when I realized, too much Sci-Fi is not necessarily a good thing. The last 13 days has been filled with Hobbits and Goblins, Daleks and Cybermen, Others and Smoke-monsters, Evil Queens and Rumpelstiltskin, Borg and Romulins, R.O.U.S and Sicilians,Dementors and Deatheaters, Captains and Doctors. I remember things that I cannot possibly remember and yet I do. Details from movies that are so obscure for civilians are second nature to me I can banter on facebook rambling lines from movies, and know the responses. Yet I cannot remember terminology crucial to my academic career. Things I need to be able to recall at a moments notice are lost. My Pinterest Geek Board has more pins than all my other boards combined. This tells me I need to change focus.

Now that the weekend is over, so is the Sci-Fi obsession. Time to hit the books again. My course load is extreme and my reward for conquering the upcoming topics on Strategic Planning and Transitions? I will be finished in time for Star Trek 2: Into Darkness. Because once a geek, always a geek.




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