Christmas wishes DO come true

Apparently Dreams DO come true!

My ChatterBox came home from work on Saturday, all smiles, happiness and tired. I asked her how her day went and she smiled and said, “My childhood fantasy came true!” ChatterBox is a Christmas Elf. She goes to various parties dressed in her finest Christmas clothes, smiles at children and lifts them onto Santa’s knee.

I had to think about this for a moment… Which Childhood Fantasy? meeting the Jonas Brothers? No, she out grew that one. Taylor Hall called her up for a date? No…he is playing Hockey in the States. She won a 7 night stay in WDW Dream Suite? No that is my wish. So I had to ask, “ChatterBox, what is your Childhood dream come true?”

She responded with, “Sitting in Santa’s Sleigh Sharing cookies with him. It wasn’t his sleigh, but his car will do.”

There you have it, Christmas wishes DO come true.064

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