The #yeggies are coming!

Edmonton is hosting it’s own Social Media Awards, The Yeggiesyeggies-logo1-300x199, in the Spring of 2013. For this to happen, people need to nominate their favorite Edmonton Blogger. I have a swell idea! Why don’t you consider nominating me? I know, shamless plug. But seriously, how many Edmonton bloggers do you know? I know and read several and am nominating  them. Think about it. All you need to do is fill out this handy dandy form ONLINE and click SEND. Simple. It should take a few moments of your time.

OR you can read some of my favorite Edmonton bloggers (nominate them!) here:

An Awfully Big Adventure

The Valentine 4

Simple Pleasures: Adventures of a Mondern Woman

Farren Square


2 thoughts on “The #yeggies are coming!

  1. If you want to be nominated, it would be helpful if you noted a particular category that might apply to your blog. There are a couple that could be relevant and it would be a shame if we all split our votes across more than one category… 🙂

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