Sand in my Box

I have an unusual collection. I acquire sand from major oceans and bodies of water.

When I hear about people heading on trips to beaches I use to ask with frequency for sand. I would hand over a film container and BAM, they would bring me home sand! It is very interesting to see the different colours and grades of sand.

A colleague I worked with for a while visited the South China Sea. She filled a Pepto Bismol bottle full of black sand. It looked like crushed onyx. Beautiful!

My Neighbour went to the East Coast of Canada and brought me red sand from Prince Edward Island and tiny little rocks from “The Rock” aka Newfoundland.

My mom and dad brought me home sand from the Dead Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea.

I have sand from the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean from my own travels. I have sand from the Gulf of Mexico from friends who travel there very frequently. I managed to bring home sand from the Southern Ocean when I went to Australia.

To round out my collection, I would like to have samples from the Indian Ocean. This is quite possible because my nephew is getting married in Thailand in the spring. It would be great if someone from the wedding expedition decides to go to the Indian Ocean and perhaps collect a sample for me there! I need a sample from the Hudson Bay, I would like to collect that myself one day. That would leave the final piece of my collection, sand from the Arctic Ocean. It is a shame I didn’t collect sand when I was younger or I would have a jar. I am not sure about travelling back up north for a jar of sand so I might have to keep my ear to the ground to listen for anyone making a trip up there for work. Rarely does someone travel to the Arctic for a beach holiday unless they are Northern Light seekers, but they could stand on my deck and watch them instead. The advantage to that is less mosquitos and warmer weather.

Currently my collection is a motley collection of bags and plastic containers but once I complete my collection I want to fill glass jars and use corks for stoppers. I want to etch the glass with the names and places the sand came from. It’s unusual but lovely just the same. It will sit nicely amongst my sea glass and drift would collection.

It makes me wonder why a girl from the prairies feels the need to collect sand from the worlds oceans.


3 thoughts on “Sand in my Box

  1. It’s beautiful! I also like to collect sand and shells. I have Atlantic sand and shells from Miami. I had Pacific sand from Mexico in a jar… I have to find it in my boxes o crap in the garage. I was in India once but not near the coast, I want to see Goa one day and ride an elephant there.

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