I am a WARRIOR, so pass the band-aid please

Apparently I am a WARRIOR! How do I know? Other than being called one on my facebook status, I had already figured it out after sporting the Ninja injuries from this summer. I this about my run today:

There is something very empowering about blood running into your shoe and powering through it to finish – even tho it made me slower, days like this it’s about the finish.

It’s true. I felt like a hockey player during playoffs. Blood filling my shoe and me powering through it to finish. I AM A WARRIOR! Except I needed to get to work so I either needed stitches or a couple of band-aids. I typically make my own butterfly tape so I can for-go the stitches, because as strong and warrior-like I am, I am also a big baby when it comes to someone sewing my skin up. I’d rather have a hideous scar that you can talk about at cocktail parties. There is nothing cooler than someone asking you how you got that scar when you have a great story to back it up. Like the scar on my leg – Shark Attack. Or the Scar on my forearm – Sword Fight. Then there is the gash across my eyebrow – Gordie Howe Hat Trick. That is the coolest scar and the one I am most proud of.

Today’s war wound soaked my sock with my OWN blood and I needed a quick fix. Giant band-aids worked in a pinch but they were the plain and functional kind. I AM A WARRIOR so I wanted band-aids with a bit of flash. I needed some for my classroom too, so off i went in search of the coolest band-aids EVER.

My kiddos at school are very predictable, give them princess and super hero or Pixar Cars and they are happy campers. I wanted George Clooney Band-aids. Did you know Wal-Mart does not carry George Clooney Band-aids? I KNOW! I AM SHOCKED TOO! I couldn’t even get Batman in the nipple suit band-aids that remind me of George as Batman |(for the record Joel Schumacher WORST BATMAN EVER! The only thing that saved it was George in a nipple suit).

I spent the rest of the day depressed because I wanted a George Clooney Band-Aid. i googled George Clooney Band-aids and I got a list of the kinds they DO carry. I could get Bling Band-aids all covered in fake diamonds. I could get Napoleon Dynamite band-aids, wtf? but not Clooney or Doug Ross ones? Planets and stars, stupid blue batman or ouchies for girls – who wants unicorns and crowns? I’ll pass thanks, I want what I want and none are available so I will make them.

Here is my prototype:

Obviously I used his Dr. Ross persona, that will speed healing!

Of course they will be for sale, this may be the product I was looking for to start my own business. Now all I need is a financial backer, anyone? oh, and a wheelbarrow to bring my money home in.

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