Divine inspiration leads to the creation of Tao of Muppet

I am not a fan of restored artwork. Art is not meant to last a million years. It is a commentary of that moment in time. That does not mean I think it is disposable, I think it should be look upon as a cultural statement to where we were as a society when it was created. Think of it as Urban Art. Take a look at this Raphael restoration:

Seriously? The worst of it is, it no longer has the artist’s original brush strokes. To me it is no different from plagiarism except the restoration artist doesn’t claim the work to be their own, only it now has become a very expensive “paint by numbers” project. What is up with the halo? It doesn’t even have the sparkles the original piece did.

The Renaissance was all about halos. Obviously people were super pius at that time, except Leonardo. He obviously was a rebel and unenlightened because his works of art didn’t have halos around the heads of everyone. In fact none of the Teenaged Mutant Ninja turtles were pius. Michelangelo was really a sculptor, but his paintings were not to bad either. I stood under the Sistine Chapel and noticed those images were void of halos. Raphael was usually void of halos, but not always. He obviously wanted to fit in with the pius dudes but felt pressure to be REAL. Donatello was a sculptor, hard to sculpt transparent images. If he had, I would have been REALLY impressed! So really, these fella’s were the Urban Artists of their time with Mike being a Graffiti artist. Leo did his share of graffiti. The dude painted a dinner ad and it covers an end wall of the dining hall at the monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy.


Not unlike This gem installed in a London restaurant. The art is entitled Cock and Bull:I can HEAR my grandpa Dan saying “Oh pheww that really stinks” But a thousand years from now, people will see the restored version and think WOW those kids in the 2010’s really knew their art! This is how I imagine the updated restored version will look:

See how it looks nothing like the original? This is my issue with restored masterpieces. Works of art that are created are full of inspiration, restoring them (I don’t mean cleaning them, but painting over or touch ups) changes the artist’s original intent. No one can experience the same motivation or inspiration for creating the original artwork. It is just never the same. Let it fade into obscurity. The new artists are the genius’ of yesterday. The future will tell the story of the masterpieces of our time because obviously we cannot see it in the present. Except for this artist who restored the 120-year-old fresco, Ecce Homo by Elijah Garcia Martinez. It is very clear to me she was filled with divine inspiration and created this masterpiece over top of the original:

It is clear to me that Jim Henson appeared to her and told her to paint the Tao of Muppets

One thought on “Divine inspiration leads to the creation of Tao of Muppet

  1. I kept reading ‘super pius’ as ‘super plus’, which brought to mind 1984 and ‘super-plus ungood’, a Newspeak-ism that is bizarrely appropriate in the context of ‘restored’ art, and the motivation to restore masterpieces in the first place. All of the beautiful things we cherish do fade with time. We gotta let ’em go. Making them new only taints them with the stain of our time.

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