I will no longer justify


My son wanted to download a game but needed my credit card to do so, he started the process to justify to me why he wanted it. I stopped him. I said, “you do not need to justify the reason to me. If you have the money, Transfer it into my account and I will happily let you use my card.”

He replied, “Oh!” With that answer came happiness. Justifying your reasons make you feel attacked or unsupported in decisions. I make him justify when safety is an issue, but that’s my job.

As an adult, I don’t think I should have to justify my reasons for participating in events that bring me pleasure, especially if the event is legal, harmless and fun. Yet I find myself being asked CONSTANTLY why I am doing things like my copious amount of Disney trips.

Really? Why do you need to know why I want to go?Just because it is not your preference does not mean I should hate it too. You don’t hear me asking questions like, why do you have a lake lot you need to visit every weekend? Why do you go to Vegas all the time? How many times have you been to Europe? Did you know there are other places to go? Or what on EARTH do you want an RV for? That means you have to camp. Sitting in a campsite for a week is not my idea of a vacation, yet I do not say that to you. Instead I ask, “Did you have an amazing trip?”

I get that question a lot too. Do you know there are other places in the world to visit? Yes, I do know that actually. I have been blessed with parents who knew the gift of travel would be the best thing they could give me.

I have favorite cities (London – 3 times and Paris twice – I’m sure New York will be one when I get there)

I have favorite States (Washington  and Oregon, been to both 4 times)

I have Favorite Countries (Italy once and Canada – yes I am biased but Canada is amazing)

I have visited 15 countries, 23 different U.S States, 6 provinces and territories in Canada, and well over 280 cities and towns or places of interest.

Sure there are still places I can go but that costs major money. When I take my family to Europe for the summer, it is at major hit to my wallet. It takes time to save for trips like that. I need adventure and fun when I go on vacation. I do not want to sit and stare at trees or lay on the beach. I want to relive the happiness I felt as child, feel completely relaxed and laugh hard.

I am not guaranteed this will happen on a holiday to destinations unknown. Getting lost in a country when you do not speak the language is scary. There is a stress level when trying new things. I do push myself to try these things, but I do not want to do that sort of trip yearly.

So I plan Disney holidays. Telling me you went and hated it, tells me you didn’t research or plan anything. People ask me for tips and I am only too happy to share. This will enhance their trip. Who doesn’t want a great trip? The key to any trip being great is planning, know what you are getting into. Then you can be secure in your knowledge to take risks, try the new stuff, or get lost in the dark and find your way out.

I am about to go back to Disneyland. I am going with some girlfriends. I have planned this experience to amaze them because it is a first for both of them. This will make it fun for me. I love seeing things fresh through new eyes. Everytime I go there is something new to explore. Now I challenge you to take a risk. I do it all the time, so you don’t have to tell me I need to – I’ve got it covered thanks.

I have been to some of these places more than once and some I never want to see again. So the next time you hear I am off on a travel destination that isn’t a favorite or yours, keep that in mind – it is NOT YOUR trip, it is mine.

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