64 Days of Awesome continues…

As a teacher, one of the many perks I benefit from is Summer Break. Now I am not going to argue with you about whether or not teachers deserve it because you will lose that argument. You can read because a teacher taught you how. ANYWAYS…

I am currently on my 64 days of Awesome. I typically need serious sleep the first few days of my vacation from burnout, fatigue, stress and a multitude of other reasons. I have denied myself that luxury.

Shocking? You bet it is. There is no one on the planet other than Bears, who like to sleep more than me. But this summer, I am on a mission. I am determined not to waste a single moment and plan to do something fun everyday. Today is July 17th, I am 19 days in. Time to evaluate the situation.

Books: I thought I would read more than I have been. My 50/50 me. project is seriously failing. I haven’t read the volumes I had hoped to because I am too busy! I am just finishing The secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes. It has taken me WEEKS!

Festivals: Went to The Edmonton Street performers festival and watched the Silent Disco. That was a TOTAL FAIL. “You pay $2 to go into a roped off pavement/dance floor wearing head phones. Then dance by yourself. I can do that for FREE outside of the dance floor with my earbuds and iPhone. Besides, my music rotations is likely better.

I didn’t make it to Art Walk this year, I am suffering BIG time from the forest fires. It was bad that day. my Asthma is killing me this summer. So Running and some outside activities are off.

City Markets: I love a good farmers market! Nothing says enviro-friendly like local grown organic yummy fresh fruit and vegetables. I have been going to the market downtown every Saturday. I often will come home with my salad fixings, breakfast fruit and a bottle of wine from the groovy little wine shop along the market street. The only way my Saturdays could be better would be if I LIVED in a loft downtown. Once the offspring fly the coupe, I am looking for a condo or something down there.

New Things: Part of my 52 new things project I started in January was to try a new thing every week. i am already at 50 things for the year. That was WAY easier than I thought it would be. This summer’s highlights include, My Really Big things Adventure in Saskatchewan, Zombie Flash Mob ensemble, Capital Ex Parade float participant and running bright and early in the morning. I have met some amazing new people to add to my collection of knowing a million people and counting.

Movies: Again a total FAIL just like the books. I have a list of movies I want to see, Spiderman, Batman, Brave, Mike – obviously all intellectual movies, yet I haven’t made it out once since seeing Chris Pine in that movie I can’t remember but he was delicious anyways.

Writing: FAIL – wow I thought I would get to write lots now that I am not writing papers for university. That would be NO. I have no drive to sit and work on my book. I am half way through and had thought about hitting about 1000 words a day. I blog that much, but fiction is different. Maybe next week. I am however, writing lots of stuff including press copy for the Scarecrow Festival. That has been a lot of fun! I have been interviewing new people and learning crazy things in the process! So I guess writing isn’t a total fail!

Quilting: I am happy to report, 1 out of no less than 5 baby quilts are done. It is adorable and I took step by steps for a blog I want to post on pinterest.

Traveling: I went to Regina with ChatterBox, and in August I am off on a top secret vacation with two of my girlfriends. It will be fun and fab -AND the tickets arrived today! YAY!

That is quite the list so far. I do manage to sleep but not for long. Today my 64 days of awesome includes more quilting, swimming and writing. 2 of my favorite things and quilting for another – sweet babies. I’m just THRILLED about not being the mommies 🙂

What are you up to this summer?

8 thoughts on “64 Days of Awesome continues…

  1. You do a lot more than most of us and have a great attitude to go along with it. I used to envy teachers and administrators having time off until I realized how much so many of them actually do work-wise during the summer break. But if there’s anyone that deserves a break its a teacher… I mean they have to spend an entire school year with my (or everyone elses) kids!!!! Ugh!

    1. Really? How cool is that?! It doesn’t count, because I’m trying hard to be a tourist in my life. I wasn’t out to inspire people – that’s just gluten free low fat gravy!

      Blogging will surprise you, especially if you just write what comes to mind and not over think it. When I first started it was as if a flood gate opened and stuff just came pouring out. I have less stuff in my head now. That could be a direct result from oldness, running out of stuff to do, or distraction…hey did you see that?

      Start writing and I’ll come by for lots of visits…put the coffee on 🙂

  2. Robyn,

    It’s wonderful to hear that you are really enjoying your well-deserved summer vacation. I hope you have a lot more fun on the remaining 45 days of your 64 days of Awesome! I like the idea of trying something new every week.

    1. I have really worked hard at climbing out of my depression rut that I had been in. 52 new things was part of that. The year is half over and my list is completed. Now the challenge becomes, how many more new things can I squeeze into 2012?

      As for the rest of my 64 fun filled fabulous days of awesome, don’t you worry – my world is filled with possibility 🙂

  3. I got my travels done early with NY to LA excursion. I must say, I am rather glad for that as now this summer is pretty smooth sailing until school starts come August! I am going to give you a good task…so when I own my salon one day…what shall the name be? Slightly sarcastic but hip and optimistic tone. Best Salon title found thus far? “Curl up and Dye” 🙂

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