How’s it going eh? C eh N eh D eh Deh!

Happy Canada Day! You may not celebrate it in your home country – you should – but it’s okay that you don’t because Canadian’s are understanding like that.

This little nugget was a leaf I found at Vimy ridge in France. There is no other place on Earth that makes me feel more Canadian then there – weird because it is FRANCE, not Canada – but travel will do that to you.

Today is about BBQ’s, family, friends and fireworks. Typically this happens in the sunshine but it is pouring here in Edmonton. I have hope by 4 PM – the sun will be out and the festivities will begin! If not – it will be party inside and that’s cool too.

Part of my role as Tourist is actual travel to other destinations. My Tourist role isn’t all about finding self-awareness. It is also about taking risks and doing new things. Traveling is a part of that. Yet every where I go I come home thankful I was born and raised in Canada. I am trying to instill that feeling into my children. ChatterBox has joined the party. She shows off her love of all things Canadian through her new Photography blog, AwkwardBox Photos. I’m her mom so I am OBVIOUSLY super proud of her work. She is an artist and sees things through a unique eye. Go take a look and subscribe. She is amazing.

Things That are Awesome About being Canadian

  1. Northern Lights are a regular view from my deck at night.
  2. Killer spiders and snakes can’t take the cold so they live in Australia instead.
  3. There is always a Hockey Game on SOMEWHERE.
  4. Some of the world’s best water comes straight from my tap. Clean, fresh, clear and abundant.
  5. Living in an Urban area – the Capital of Alberta, and I can STILL watch wildlife from my deck. I watched a Bald Eagle soar overhead last week and a Red Tail Hawk stopped by for a visit on the deck yesterday.
  6. I can have a White Christmas AND 11:00 PM Sunsets in June
  7. I have a rights and freedoms act that protects everyone, even new immigrants. Respect it, don’t abuse it.
  8. My National Parks are protected from corporate abuse – lets fight to keep it that way.
  9. I live on the second largest landmass in the world. Our population is about 34 million, yet we still are able to stand strong and compete in world competitions and can EXPECT gold medals.
  10. I am 5th generation Canadian and people still ask me what I am and where my people came from.
  11. When I travel, particularly to Europe, people gush and give me the royal treatment because of what the farm boys did 60 years ago. They still remember.

So today is honourary (honor with a U – the Canadian way) Canadian Day. Put on some red and sing with me.

10 thoughts on “How’s it going eh? C eh N eh D eh Deh!

  1. The snakes and spiders here are there to keep you sharp!

    The 1st of July is Victoria Day down here. Or as I like to call it, Separation Day. This marks the glorious day in 1851 when Victoria was freed from the rule of New South Wales and made into a separate crown colony. Gold was “discovered” 6 days later (actually found much earlier, but kept quiet), and the rest is history.

    Ok, most people here would look at you blankly if you mentioned this. Hell, fly the state flag of Victoria and if people notice at all they would ask what flag that was. It is a boring flag…

    And Happy Canada Day!

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